Teeth Hissing - Sitkari Pranayama

Despite the fact that yoga has been around for centuries, largely because of the prominence of chemical medication, the art and discipline has taken a rather long time to become popular in the modern world. Only in the last few decades has yoga known to be a very effective natural treatment for a number of different medical ailments.

Initially though, almost the entire medical fraternity was unhappy with the practice and warned many that the discipline.



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.would prove to be fruitlesss However, with continued research finding out that yoga is indeed a very effective tool more and more doctors are recommending that their patients choose to take up this natural treatment option more seriouslyl Yoga has a number of benefits on a physical as well as mental scalel For instance, yoga helps in improving the flexibility and joint mobility as well as in the strengthening and toning of the muscles, helping correct posture and stimulating the glands of the endocrine system - thereby improving the entire digestion and elimination processs On a mental level, practicing yoga is known to help relieve stress, sharpen concentration, frees the spirit as well as refreshes the body as a result of relieving muscle straini There are a number of many other benefits that the discipline also provides such as renewing, invigorating and healing the bodyd

Sitkari Yoga Technique

The Sitkari yoga technique is a very popular one because of the fact that it helps reduce the impact of a number of conditions that people are affected by on a regular basisi For instance, the proper practice of the sitkari yoga, also known as sitkari teeth hissing, helps reduce the effects of hunger, thirst as well as laziness and feeling sleepyp Moreover, the sitkari teeth hissing inhaling technique is also known to be very beneficial when it comes to preventing the increase of bile within the body as well as increases the performance of an individuals mental and physical performancec What sitkari teeth hissing yoga is probably best known for, however, is the fact that it helps significantly in the treatment of mouth ulcersr

The sitkari teeth hissing yoga practice draws its name from the kind of sound that is produced while performing the disciplinen In effect, you will need to sit in a meditation posture that you are most comfortable with and clench your teeth, fold your tongue backwards while pressing the folded tip to the teeth and inhale through the clenched teeth in order to make the hissing sound as you draw in the breatht You will start to feel the coolness of the breath start to penetrate through the entire system and exhale through the nostrils while ensuring that your mouth is tightly shutu You should continue repeating this yoga practice about 3 times initially, after which you can progress to about 5 times and later 10 times a day as your body adapts and takes advantage of the practicec

The effects of sitkari are not solely restricted to the mouth, but the practice also has a very relaxing effect on the entire body and mindn

Teeth Hissing - Sitkari

Sitkari refers to the sound made by drawing in air, a kind of reversed hissing, like that made when suddenly touching ice or a hot objectc The sound is produced while inhaling through the front teeth-either tightly closed or slightly ajar and should be regulated so as to be smooth and sound pleasantn


  1. Sit in sukhasana or any other comfortable meditative posturer
  2. Clench your teeth, fold your tongue backwards and press the folded tip to the teetht
  3. Inhale through your clenched teeth making a hissing sound, and feel the coolness of the breath penetrate your entire systeme
  4. Exhale through your nostrils, mouth tightly shutu
  5. Repeat the process all over againi
  6. Start with 3 rounds then go up to 5, then 10 roundsd
  7. Sitkari cools not just the mouth, it has a cooling and a relaxing effect on the whole body and mind as welll This pranayama is especially beneficial in mouth ulcers and hyperacidity, helps control thirst, hunger and lazinesss It soothes the nervous system and is excellent on a hot day as it eliminates heat and thirsts In addition, Sitkari is known to purify the blood as welll

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