Techniques & Benefits of Shitkari Pranayama

Shitkari literally means “that which cools.” This Yoga breathing (Pranayama) exercise intended to cool primarily the body and then, the mind.

Technique of Shitkari

  • Sit comfortably in Sukhasana Open your lips and clench your teeth


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  • Lightly press the tip of your tongue against your lower front teeth.
  • Inhale orally over your tongue with a kind of hissing sound.
  • After filling your lungs completely, shut your mouth and exhale through both your nostrils without retention.

Duration of Shitkari

  • Do Shitkari for 1 - 5 minutes; increase the duration by half a minute every week.

  • Like Sitali, Shitkari must be done more during the summers.
  • People who are prone to excess bile can do it all through the year.

Benefits of Shitkari

The regular practise of Shitkari lowers body heat, clears your complexion and helps you in controlling thirst, hunger and sleep.

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