Yoga Benefits For Menopause

Nowadays, a lot of women find themselves resorting to Yoga during menopause. Women report feeling peace and a sense of unity with nature that they never had a glimpse of apart from their Yoga practices. Then again, Yoga is not a remedy for menopause, as menopause characterizes a phase of a woman's life, not a health condition.

Every woman's experience is absolutely personal. Yoga is not remedy-specific like the modern drugs.


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In fact, there is no sequence of postures, nor specific breathing exercises, either, that thus constitute a cure for the menopause symptoms

There certain wide-ranging issues about Yoga poses (asanas). It has been found that backward bends are terrific to help alleviate mood and raise levels of energy. On the other hand forward bends have proven great for anxiety and stress.

All Yoga asanas call for absolutely dissimilar preparatory poses. This also goes for counter poses that are crucial follow-ups for a lot of asanas. It has been proven that counter poses help prevent injury.

They work just like the preparatory poses, only in reverse order.

Likewise, inverted poses like the Headstand and Shoulderstand, plus a number of have been proved valuable for their soothing and reassuring effects. With the practices of Yoga, particularly during or just prior to Menopause, a woman's joint mobility increases. In fact it happens quite rapidly with a little concentrated attention and mild stretching. Regular practice of Yoga poses, breathing exercises, and silent, peaceful meditation soothe and calm the nervous system, as well as alleviates anxiety.

Regular yoga practice, it has been scientifically proven, can help alleviate a lot of symptoms of Menopause. Particularly, the Handstand, Headstand, Adho Mukha Svanasana, Sarvangasana, Viparita Karani with the body completely or halfway upside down, brings down the incidence and intensity of hot flashes and night sweats, in or prior to menopause.
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