Yoga for Diabetes and BP

(August 12, 2008)

Sir, My friend is diabetic and BP patient. He takes medicines for both. He feels weak. Lately his foot sweats. Kindly advice!

Hyperglycemia may cause the individual to feel weak and lethargic and cannot carry the tasks with zeal and vigor. Diabetes mellitus causes other diseases which makes the body numb. Yoga increases the metabolism of the body which burns the sugars in the body thereby it decreases the amount of sugar in the human body. Yoga poses when practiced regularly can greatly help in weight reduction.

Blood pressure is caused due to either intense or mild pumping of the blood by the heart. Yoga provides the required relaxation to the heart and regulates the flow of blood to the different parts of the human body. It also provides relaxation to the muscles and also decreases the cholesterol level in the human body. It provides relief from stress by reducing the amount of adrenalin in the blood. It helps to digest food easily and supports the functions of all organ systems in the human body.

Yoga helps to manage life and provides exercise to all the bodily organs. This will help your friend to get relief from the excessive sweating of the feet any time of the day due to exertion.

Blood pressure can be caused due to excessive thinking and mental stress. Yoga provides relief from the negative thoughts overwhelming the human mind. It also increases the concentration in work and boosts the self esteem of the individual. It helps one to focus on one particular thought and strengthens the will power. It also helps one to cultivate the ability to provide relief from stress.

Taking excessive medicines is also not good for health as they may cause harmful side effects on various other organs of the body. The results revealed after regular practice of yoga poses are instant and greatly beneficial to anyone who undertakes yoga regularly.

Asanas or poses of yoga help to provide proper tone to the body and the breathing exercises associated with yoga helps in relaxation. For the beginners it is advisable that they begin with simple and easy yoga exercises like dead corpse posture and padmasana - the lotus posture. Later on one can move on to other complicated postures like pawanmuktasana (free wind position) and shoulder stand postures. Breath exercises accompanied along with the regular physical exercise and sun salutation provides overall physical exercise to the body and provides freedom from various kinds of diseases including irregular blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

Submitted by R J on August 12, 2008 at 07:40

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