Yoga for Weight Loss

(August 12, 2008)

I want to loose my wieght and I have thyroid hormone imbalance too. Please guide?

Yoga is recognized to provide best results for weight reduction. Weight increases considerably when there is an imbalance in the body due to illnesses such as thyroid. Weight gain is also due to improper eating habits and sedentary lifestyle.  Yoga exercises on regular basis helps in management of body fat with proper toning of the body. It controls the thyroid gland to regulate the flow of thyroxin for the perfect metabolism in the body. Yoga works by increasing the metabolism rate of the body and helps in reduction of the weight in a natural manner. With the exercises of Yoga one can lose body fat efficiently. Asanas like matsyasana (the fish pose) and shoulder stand posture helps to reduce weight easily and it is easy to practice them too. Any body can learn these asanas and reap the benefits of Yoga.

Yoga also helps to tone the body in a perfect manner and provides strength to the muscles of the body. It burns the fat in the body and generates energy which helps the individual to carry out the daily tasks with renewed energy. It also helps to reduce anxiety and cures the mind of the negative feelings and thoughts, which rule the mind and the body of the individual.

Yoga exercises when practiced between meals help to digest the food properly so as to obtain the energy from it and stop the further accumulation of the fat in the body. It frees the mind from restless behavior and renders calmness to the mind.
Yoga helps to have a perfect mind and perfect body. It helps to regulate all functioning of all the systems of the body with the breathing exercises which also increase the strength of the body. Breathing exercises rejuvenate the body and increased activity burns the fat in a natural manner which reduces the extra pounds gathered by the body. It also provides tone to the muscles and new zeal and vigor in all the activities of the body. It also increases mental and cognitive functioning which keeps the mind and body focused and imparts the feeling of satisfaction and vigor to the body.

It is good for the treatment of obesity and several people all across the globe have taken advantage of it to provide relief from a large number of physical and mental troubles. Yoga poses if practiced correctly has the power to heal the body of various ailments.

Submitted by R J on August 12, 2008 at 07:40

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