Exercise to Increase Height

(August 1, 2008)

How to gain height?

Height can be gained by a wide variety of yoga postures and though the increase of height greatly depends on the genetic composition of the human body, but still yoga can go a long way to increase the height by few inches. Height can be increased if yoga is practiced in the childhood days but in young age also if yoga exercises are taken on regular basis then increasing few inches of height will not be difficult.

Stretching exercises as a part of yoga helps to increase the height of kids and teenagers if taken continuously for a long span of time. Kids can hang themselves from the rod in the air and give a little stretch to the body thereby provides elasticity to the muscles to elongate and increase in the height. This exercise though doesn't show instant results, it when practiced for quite some time surely helps to increase the height of the individual.

Other exercises of yoga like sarvangasana (shoulder stand) and ardh sirshasana (head stand) help to provide the desired stretch to the lower part of the body which helps to increase the height of the individual by appropriate pulling of the legs. These exercises should be undertaken several times of the day rather then continuing it for longer duration in one sitting. Continuous exercises and pulling of body helps to increase the height of the body in a balanced manner. Immediate height increment treatments should not be taken as they may cause harmful effect on other organs of the body. But yoga cannot have side effects on other organs and hence practicing yoga for height increase is beneficial and shows considerable results on various organs of the body.

Yoga helps to increase the height of the body in a perfect and harmonious manner. Freehand exercises too help to provide height increase to the individuals and these exercises don't cause strain to other parts of the body while thriving to provide increase in the height of the individuals.

A few sports like long and high jumps too can be considered to be a part of yoga which shows great and beneficial effects to increase the height of the individual. Height should be increased not just from the lower end of the body but pulling the chest and the abdomen high also helps to increase the height of the individuals. Swimming in the pool of water provides best exercise to the body for height increase and it an old and crude form of yoga which indeed works and has great effect on the mind and body of the individual.

Submitted by R J on August 1, 2008 at 08:17

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