Asanas for baldness

(August 30, 2011)

I am facing a problem of baldness, so which asanas will be best for that the problem of baldness is cured ...and hair fall stops...

Yoga For Baldness

Baldness is a condition that can affect the morale of a person to a great extent. The condition has no medical effect on the body but can be a cause of a medical condition. While there are no yoga exercises that are specifically focused on curing baldness and increasing hair growth, it is important to remember that factors like stress and a lack of nutrition in ones diet play a huge role in the development of these conditions. There are a number of yoga techniques that will help you de-stress your body – thereby automatically creating a better chance of your hair being healthier. Some of these yoga techniques include – the hatha yoga and the kundalini (the yoga of awareness). Most meditation exercises that are a regular feature of the discipline are also highly recommended. However, in the event that baldness is a hereditary problem in your family, chances are that you may not be able to do much to prevent its onset. 

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Which Yoga Poses Are Effective To Prevent Hair Loss?

There is little evidence to suggest that there is any direct relationship between yoga and hair loss. Hair loss is something that is inevitable for most people. However, it is known that yoga can improve the health of the body, thus indirectly improving the health of the hair and reducing hair loss. There are some yoga poses that involve inversions of the body. These poses are useful as they allow for improved blood circulation to the head. When this happens, the scalp will automatically be nourished more efficiently.

There are some yoga poses for hair loss that can be performed by individuals. The head stand pose is the most obvious inversion of the body which can be performed by students who have a moderate knowledge of yoga. The shoulder stand is another position that helps to improve the flow of blood to the head and neck region of the body. One can attempt the downward facing dog as another pose for hair loss. This pose can be practiced as part of the sun salutation sequence and held for slightly longer period of time than the other poses being practiced in the sequence. General yoga practice should help to improve the health by reducing stress as well.

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Is It True That Yoga Effectively Stops Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a problem that affects men more than women. The exact cause of hair loss is related to various factors including genetics, the health of the individual, stress and environmental factors. There is a relationship between yoga and hair loss by which an individual can use yoga to help reduce the fall of hair. This can be done by focusing on two areas.
Firstly, yoga can be used for the general health of the individual. Using yoga poses, one can improve the health through improved flexibility, blood circulation and respiration. These all contribute to an improved functioning of the body on a cell-based level. Apart from this, one can try certain poses that involve inverting the body. Inversions are used to improve blood supply to the head and neck area of the body. Improved blood circulation in the scalp will boost the efficiency of the cells present there. This can help with hair loss. The headstand position and the shoulder stand position are two common poses used to improve the state of the scalp of an individual. One must also use relaxation poses that help to calm the body down. Reduced stress will definitely lead to improved health and improved hair growth as well. 

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How To Stop Hair Loss Through Yoga?

Yoga is not only beneficial for maintaining a healthy body and mind but is also very helpful in solving problems like excessive hair loss and balding. It is possible to completely stop hair loss with regular yoga practices such as Sirsasana (headstand pose), Adhumukha Svanasana (downward facing dog), Anuloma-viloma and Kapalbhati. Sirsasana or the headstand pose involves standing on the head with the weight of the body resting on the head. This pose can be practiced using support from a wall if required. Sirsasana helps in improving blood circulation to the head region and is therefore helpful in controlling and eliminating hair loss. The Adhumukha Svanasana (downward facing dog pose) also helps in increasing blood circulation in the neck and head region. This also triggers the nervous system helping to stop excessive hair fall. It is also possible to stop hair loss with yoga breathing techniques like Kapalbhati and Anuloma-viloma which help in cleansing out toxins from the body. These are also very effective in improving blood flow to the scalp region. Other postures like the Vajrasana (diamond pose), Ustrasana (camel pose), Sarvangasana (shoulder stand pose) and Uttanasana (standing forward bend) are some of the other effective yoga asanas for baldness and hair loss.

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Is It Possible To Cure Baldness Through Yoga?

Baldness is a problem that people all over the world suffer from. Though this condition does not have any bearing on the overall medical health of an individual it does cause a significant amount of worry and stress in a person due to the aesthetic impact it has. Yoga is considered to be one of the most effective holistic treatments of promotion of well being in the human body. Therefore yoga as a practice also incorporates a number of exercises for baldness routines that are considered to be effective. However, the effectiveness of yoga for baldness, it must be remembered, will depend heavily on a number of factors including hereditary traits, environmental factors, regularity of practice as well as your diet. As a result, it is not only about following yoga thoroughly, but also adapting your lifestyle to aid the transformation.

Because stress levels are known to be one of the most common causes, meditation for balding is considered to be the effective route of treatment. Allowing your body to completely relax will help you shed a significant amount of stress from within the body that tends to cause the cells to feel suffocated. There are a number of yoga asanas that can also help relieve stress that will help fight baldness.

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Yoga is not going to cure baldness as it is generally caused by genetics. The best indicator if you are going to go bald is looking at family members. However, some baldness may be caused in part by high levels of stress. If this is the case, you may benefit somewhat from yoga practice. However, keep in mind that you will never grow back the hair you have lost already and yoga is only going to help you relieve stress and potentially slow the loss of any more hair.

Depending on your experience with yoga, you may receive the best outcome with Hatha or Kundalini yoga styles. Both focus on slow movement asanas that are done in a particular series. Both also incorporate mediation after each practice that will help reduce stress. You might also be able to reduce stress through pranayama (controlled breathing). This is usually done after your asanas, but before you begin your meditation.  

If you are familiar with yoga and are simply looking for a few extra asanas to reduce stress in the hopes of slowing your baldness, sun salutations might be one very easy way. Doing several sun salutations each day in the morning or before you go to bed will often relax you.

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