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(November 9, 2010)

I m 26yrs old .my height is only 5' my braest size is only 29.Can I increase my breast size upto 32 and my height also up to 5'2

Today there are many ways to bring about an increase in breast size without resorting to surgery. Although there are various reasons for which women may wish to bring about an increase in breast size, most of these are for aesthetic reasons. Surgicals methods do pose certain risks and it is important that you consult a health care expert before making any decision. Very often the desire for an increase in breast size may be due to psychological factors and insecurity, with a distorted perception of figure and breast size. At times breast size may actually be small however and for such women there are natural ways to bring about an increase in breast size. Pills, creams and ointments made with natural ingredients are abundantly available in the market. It is important to do proper research before buying any of these products. Another effective way to increase breast size naturally is exercise. The breast is made up of glandular tissue and fat. Exercises that help in improving the size of the breasts tone and strengthen the muscles that support the breasts. When these muscles are worked, the breasts become firmer and also appear raised.
Many women perform yoga to increase breast size without surgery. Yoga in addition to toning the muscles also helps to improve flexibility. Practice of yoga also enhances mental concentration and alertness. One of the most beneficial yoga poses to increase breast size is Stabdhasana, a neck and shoulder exercise which also tones the chest muscle. To perform this exercise, stand upright and stretch the arms out and bend the elbows forward. The arms should be at shoulder level. Point the wrists upwards with the fingers spread, tighten the chest, arm, forearm and hand muscles as if you are pressing against an object between your hands. Hold for 15 seconds and release. Ustrasana (Camel pose) is another good exercise for improving appearance of the breasts. Sit on your knees and hold your left heel with the left hand and your right heel with your right hand. Push your body forward, tilt your head back and stretch backwards as much as possible. Support your weight on your legs and hands. Hold for 15 seconds and release. The Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose) may also be practiced regularly for strengthening the chest muscles. Lie down on your stomach and keep the feet together. Bend the elbows and place your palms on the floor at the sides of your chest. Inhale and raise your upper body from the waist. Tilt the head back so that the entire torso is stretched. Hold for a few seconds and release. There are also many poses that can be performed to reduce breast pain during the menstrual periods. Forwards bends and body twists are beneficial in alleviating menstrual discomfort. However, it is advisable to check with your doctor before performing any exercise.
Some herbs that help in breast enlargement include saw palmetto which stimulates prolactin production, fennel which stimulates the effects of estrogen and fenugreek which encourages growth of breast tissue.

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While yoga can help you gain height, it does not have any specific exercises which can help you increase your breast size. Nevertheless, regular practice of yoga can help you firm your breasts, improve overall health and make your body appear to be more toned and shapely.
Even though there are no specific exercises in yoga to increase breast size, there are some breast exercises to enhance breast size subtly. This is a simple exercise which you can perform every day to make sure that your breasts do not begin to sag and appear rounder and fuller. Simply lie down on your back on a hard, plain floor. Now bring both your arms upwards on the sides of your breasts and hold them there for as long as you can. Ideally, every time you perform this exercise, you should hold your arms up for at least 5-7 minutes. Though this exercise is not a practice in yoga to increase breast size, it can help you in improving the appearance of your breast shape. This exercise should be performed thrice a day.
Apart from practicing yoga to increase breast size exercises, you can also perform exercises which can help you strengthen your chest. This too will give your body a more shapely appearance. Massaging your breasts is a yoga breast growth technique as well.
Though you can shape your breasts through yoga techniques, breast enlargement through yoga is not really possible. Exercises in yoga to increase breast size are simply those that allow for the toning of the pectoral muscles underneath the breasts.
On the other hand, increasing height is very much possible through yoga. With the help of yoga, you can strengthen and elongate your spine. You can also strengthen the muscles in your back which help you to correct your posture and support the spine in an optimum manner. When you perform yoga asanas like Trikonasana (Triangle pose), Sukhasana (Easy pose) and Tadasana (Mountain pose), you stretch your muscles in the back, shoulder and arms region, which allows you to tone your body as well as gain height. With these exercises, yoga breast enhancement is also possible. Since these exercises help you correct the alignment of the body as well as your posture, these can also have a positive impact on the shapeliness of your breasts.
There are several other exercises in yoga, such as the cat and dog pose, which can help in improving both height and chest development, if performed on a regular basis.

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It is important for you to first understand how breasts develop before attempting to use yoga to increase breast size. Hormones such as prolactin, progesterone and estrogen are responsible for breast development. Lower levels of these hormones result in smaller breast growth, whereas, higher hormone levels lead to a larger breast growth. Apart from these hormones, genes also play an important role in breast development. It is difficult to increase breast size at the age of 26, as hormones have already played their part by that age. Although it would be misleading to say that you can use yoga to increase breast size it should be pointed out that yoga strengthens and tones muscles and improves posture and it can have the affect of enhancing the appearance of your breasts.
Many women are embarrassed of their small breasts and go to great lengths to have them surgically enhanced. However, these methods are expensive and can result in side effects. Thus, it would be advisable to turn to a more natural method, like yoga, instead. Yoga is often adopted by people to overcome various ailments. Since ancient times, people have been practicing yoga to improve of their body. Yoga techniques are adopted for a several reasons; one of them being yoga to increase breast size. There are no specific exercises in yoga to boost breast size. But practicing yoga regularly gives people an overall physical improvement in their body. Try the following asanas that would help you increase your breast size:
Stabdhasana: Practice this pose of yoga to maximize breast size. Standing straight stretch your arms bringing them to shoulder level, with the elbows bent forward. Bend your wrist upwards and keep your fingers spread. Think of both your hands being pressed against a solid object. Tighten the muscles of your chest region, upper arms, forearms and hands as though you were attempting to rush the object you’re holding. Focus your vision on the area between your hands. Hold for 20 seconds and release. Repeat 5 times daily.
Ushtasna: Resting on your knees with your feet on the ground lean back slowly and reach for your left heel with your right hand and then right heel with your left hand. Now push your abdomen forward, tilt your head and spin backwards as far as you can. The body weight should be supported with your hands and legs. Hold for 20 seconds and relax. Do this 3 to 5 times.
Bhujangasana: Lie down on your abdomen with your feet together. Bend your elbows and place your palms flat on the floor. Take a deep breath and lift only your upper body, from the waist upwards. Push your head back slowly to apply more pressure to the upper body. Your body should take the shape of an arc. Hold for 20 seconds and release. Repeat 5 times.

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As far as I know, there are no definite Breast enlarging techniques in Yoga. However, the practice of a complete package of Yoga is known to help in overall development of a healthy and shapely physique. I suggest you try practising all the Yoga poses in the Standing, Sitting, Prone, Supine, Inverted and Balancing positions together with Pranayamas such as Kapalabhati and Anuloma-Viloma.

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