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(September 5, 2010)

Can u please suggest, How can i reduce my breast size. My height is 58 inches and my breast size is 35 inches. I am not married.

The breasts are a prominent part of the physical appearance of a woman. During puberty, the various female hormones running in the girl’s body stimulate the growth of the breasts and other physical changes. This is the period when the girl’s chest starts differentiating itself from the boy’s chest. Up to puberty, both sexes have a similar tissue structure around the breast area. While a lot of men around the world are obsessed with large breasts, and many women seek to increase their breast size to enhance their sex appeal. Large breasts however may not suit everyone’s aesthetic sensibility and may at times seem disproportionate or at odds with the person’s body structure. Yoga breast reduction offers such women a non invasive method of breast reduction. The use of Pilates for breast reduction or tai chi for breast reduction is also not uncommon.
In human beings, the breasts are made up of various different types of tissue. The milk ducts and milk glands are the important parts of the breasts. These are used to produce and release milk which is essential for a new born baby. Mother’s milk is always recommended for infants as it is both safe and nutritious. The breasts are also made up of fatty tissue. Many women have problems with the size and shape of their breasts. Some women find their breasts too small while others have the opposite problem. The size of a woman’s breasts is always a subject of debate with many people suggesting that larger breasts are more attractive. However, some women may want to reduce their breasts size to match what they perceive to be a beautiful or attractive body structure. At times simply maintaining high levels of fitness for breast reduction may suffice, but any fitness routine that aims at fat reduction or toning of muscles in a specific area should either be targeted or broad and all encompassing. Yoga takes both a broad and targeted approach to fitness, with a variety of poses that target various muscle groups, and individual poses for specific areas. This makes yoga for breast reduction a viable option.
Because the breasts are made up of fat, any exercise that burns fat effectively will help with breast reduction. It should be noted that this process is a long drawn process which takes several weeks or months to be completed. Yoga breast reduction exercises include all yoga exercises that improve the fitness and stimulate the burning of energy. When the body completely uses its food for energy, it taps into the reserve fat for energy. Exercising is the best way to achieve fitness and breast reduction simultaneously. Certain stretching poses also improve the tone of the muscles in the body and can improve the posture of an individual. These may not directly reduce the breast size though. There are also other exercise forms such as pilates or tai chi which are useful to reduce the breast size and also the rest of the fat on the body. A nominal amount of fat is considered to be healthy. Women who are excessively thin may suffer from health problems just like women who are overweight. This is why a healthy balance is essential.
The size of the breasts is also related to the genetics of an individual. This is why members of the same family may have a similar body structure. Therefore, beyond a point, it is not possible to naturally augment or reduce one’s breast size.

Submitted by A on September 5, 2010 at 05:20

Yoga poses for toning breasts 

You can reduce your breast size naturally by losing some overall body weight. Breast tissue is mainly comprised of fat or adipose mass thus it becomes difficult when you think of spot reduction that is reducing only the fat in the breast region. When you shed your body fat, the fat percentage in your breast will also reduce and they will look firmer. 35 inches is not a very large size though, with the help of some yoga poses and exercise you can lose weight and thus decrease breast size. The type of yoga you need to do for losing overall body weight is vinysa-style yoga. This is based on following certain poses or sun salutation. Ashtanga yoga is also considered helpful for reducing weight. It is a very vigorous style of practice with marked advantages for people who are interested in losing weight. Power yoga and hot yoga (vinysa-style yoga when done in a hot room to promote sweating) are also good for people who are interested in losing overall body fat. Select a particular program and follow daily for best results, once you start losing weight you will observe that your breast size is the first thing which will get altered because of a simple reason that its constitution is of fat itself.

Submitted by S M on May 26, 2008 at 05:17

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