Yoga techniques for reducing breast

(September 28, 2011)

I am 22 years old female.I have heavy breast.Can you please suggest me yoga aasan for reducing my breast size?

Can The Breast Size Get Reduced Through Yoga

In order to know if yoga can reduce breast size, it is first necessary to understand the causes of large breasts. Breasts are constituted of adipose tissue or fat and no muscle fiber. In such cases the best way to reduce breast size is to reduce your body fat or by toning the pectoral muscles on the side of the breasts. This will automatically reduce your breast size and give them a toned appearance.

You may also practice yoga to reduce breast size, the specifics of which are as below.

  • Wall press technique: Stand in front of a wall facing it. Place your hands on the wall and press your palms against the wall to exercise your pectoral or chest muscles.
  • Prayer pose: Join your hands and press against each other to exert pressure on pectoral muscles.

Some of the yoga for reducing breast size tips includes practicing the poses under expert supervision and with proper training and indulging in a healthy diet that is low in fatty foods. As such, it may take a few months to reduce breast size through yoga. In the event that large breast is a genetic issue very little can be done to remedy the condition. In such cases yoga will only help in toning the body, not actually reducing the breast size to a great extent

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How Much Time It Will Require To Reduce Breast Size By Yoga Exercise

Yoga may be defined as coordination of physical stretching and breathing regulation for physical and mental well-being. If you are looking for a natural way of reducing breast size, you may practice some power yoga. It is necessary to remember that there is no safe and quick solution to reduce breast size. Yoga is one of the safest ways that helps in toning and reducing the breasts size. However this catch is that you will need to practice the yoga poses daily for at least a three to four months before you actually begin seeing the results.

There are a number of poses that will help you in your quest to reduce breast through yoga. Yoga works towards toning the muscles of the body and thus takes sometime before the results actually appear. You could also speed up the process by paying attention to your diet. Diet has a major role to play and therefore it is necessary for you to consume foods less in fat and high in proteins. You could speak to your doctor or yoga instructor on the type of foods you can consume to help you keep your body in shape. This is a safe and natural way of reducing breast size. Thus with regular exercise and maintaining a low fat diet you would be able to maintain the breast size that you desire.

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Which Yoga Asanas Are More Effective For Reducing Breast?

Just like you most women around the world are seeking measures to attain a breast size that is proportionate to their figures. If the breasts are excessively small or large, it may appear to be unattractive. If you have a small frame with large breasts and are looking to reduce your breast size, you can opt for yoga asanas to reduce breast size.

Some of the yoga poses to reduce breast size are as follows:

  • You could begin by practicing Bikaram yoga exercises as also Asthanga yoga exercises that will help burn a lot of fat in the body thus reducing your breast size considerable. However it is necessary that you have a good well trained and qualified yoga instructor who will guide you through the exercises so as to avoid unnecessary weight loss in the body.
  • The half moon pose (Ardha Chakrasana) is a very important pose or asana that will help in reducing your breast size. Again you are advised to perform this pose in the presence of a professional so as to avoid major injuries.

Remember that these poses need to be performed everyday and are not an overnight solution to your problem. Genetics could be a major reason for your problem, in which case yoga too will not be of much help

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How To Reduce Breast Size By Yoga?

Yoga involves the coordination of regulated breathing and physical stretching to achieve mental and physical well-being. If you are looking to have a well-proportioned figure, but are worried about your large breast size, yoga is a perfect technique for you. You may practice some of the poses of yoga for reducing breast size.

The exercises in yoga to reduce breast are as below:
  • Raise your arms upwards and interlock your palms. Hold your wrists and palms tight and release your index finger. Push your hips on the left side while inhaling; hold the arch-position for a few seconds. Return back to the normal position while exhaling.
  • Interlock your palms and place the knuckles of both palms beneath your chin. Raise your elbows upwards and bend your upper body backwards, while inhaling slowly. Hold the pose for a few seconds and then revert back to normal position and exhale.

You could use either of these exercises in you r attempt to reduce breast size. You should also remember that yoga is not only practiced for reasons like this, but works towards the overall build up of the body. It helps in calming down the body and works towards better coordination between the mind and the body. 

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Yoga techniques for reducing breast 

There are various changes in the size of a women breast with age, weight changes, menstrual cycle, contraceptive pills, however the most common and likely reason for extra breast tissue is weight gain. By losing your overall weight naturally with the help of diet and exercise you can easily reduce your breast size. Do not go for any fad diets or rapid loss programs as this can lead to weight loss but can also lead to sagging breasts which you might not like. Therefore for a firm and perky breasts consider gradual weight loss without more fluctuations in the weight with the help of diet and exercise. Breast tissue is made entirely of fat or adipose tissue. Doing cardio exercises along with yoga like walking, jogging will help to decrease the fat percentage in the body which will in turn help to decrease the breast tissue. Whenever you think of spot weight reduction think to reduce the overall body weight because spot reduction is only possible when you lose your whole body weight. Yoga will help you to lose your body weight but a particular type of yoga that is the vinysa-style yoga which is based on performing certain poses or sun salutation will help. Ashtanga yoga is also considered helpful for reducing weight; it is a very vigorous style of practice with marked advantages for people who want to lose weight.  Vinysa-style yoga when done in a hot room to promote sweating (power yoga and hot yoga) is also good for people who are interested in losing overall body fat. A particular yoga weight loss program should be selected and followed daily for best results. Once you start losing your overall body weight you will notice a marked difference in your breast size for of a simple reason that its constitution is of fat itself. 

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