(January 21, 2009)

Benefits of Shavasana

Shavasana literally means ‘shav’ or corpse and ‘asana’ or pose. This is the simplest looking asana or pose among all the other yoga asanas or poses, but it is very difficult to master it. It is done mainly to relax the body between asanas or poses or in the end after all the yoga asanas or poses are done. It can also be done at night before going to bed.  You simply need to relax the body and mind and visualize and feel the ‘prana’ life force circulating through your entire body. This brings about a state of relaxation that keeps you healthy, happy and friendly. This is a natural state that we should be in as it keeps our mind and body in a relaxed state. Shavasana can be done in the following way:

Place a yoga mat on the floor and lie down flat facing upwards. Keep your feet slightly apart; you may let your feet flop to the sides. Keep your hands slightly away from the body as well with your palms facing upwards and let your fingers curl inside naturally. Now let your body be loose and relaxed. Do not keep it stiff just let it be loose. Now slowly breathe in through your nose and make your toes, feet and ankles a little tense. Keep your muscles tightened as you hold your breath. Then breathe out and relax.

Now slowly breathe in and tighten the muscles all the way down from your knees, calves, and feet. Hold your breath while you do this and then breathe out. Next breathe in and tighten the muscles from your abdomen to your feet. Hold your breath as you feel the tightened muscles and the breath out. Next breathe in and do the same from your neck, hands and all the way down to your feet and then breathe out. Now breathe in and tighten the muscles all over starting from your scalp, to your eyes, mouth, neck, hands and all the way down to your feet and toes. Hold your breath as you tighten your entire body. Make it really tensed and stiff. Then breathe out and relax your body completely. You will feel the strain dissolve from your muscles and melt onto the floor.

Shavasana promotes healthy blood circulation in the entire body. It totally relaxes and calms your mind and body as it makes you aware of each and every part. It also improves your concentration levels.

Submitted by G M on January 21, 2009 at 11:46

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