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(January 22, 2009)

my daughter is 13 yrs her eye sight is -2.75 how to got normal vision back by easy and fast yoga

Children go through a lot of stress these days and that affects them both physically and mentally. They are constantly growing, thinking, learning, studying and observing their bodies are growing and there are several changes taking place both physically and mentally and all at a rapid speed. Your daughter is 13 years old, a teenager and is undergoing through the same. Teenagers are always under pressure about their performance at school and among other kids. Sometimes parents and teachers add to it and this put extreme strain on their growing minds and bodies, which could have severe psychological effects that show in their physical state.

You have asked for an easy and fast yoga practice through which your daughter can have normal eyesight. Well there is something that you as a parent should know first, do not look out for easy and fast shortcuts to solve your child’s problem. There is a systematic way to learn and treat everything, and that also ensures good long lasting results. Yoga is a way of life to ensure a healthy body and mind and not a shortcut to treat a specific ailment. It works from within in a controlled slow systematic manner to ensure you stay healthy both physically and mentally. Children have a delicate body as compared to grown up and hence there are different yoga classes for them that teach them the asanas or poses according to their age and physical condition. Practicing yoga without the supervision of a good qualified expert might be harmful for your child.

The best way to ensure that your daughter regains her normal eyesight is to get her enrolled in a yoga class for teenagers where she will be at ease among other kids and will learn it in a systematic way. This will also improve her overall health and boost her confidence and concentration, which in turn will help her to perform better in her studies and will allow her to grow as an individual with a healthy mind and body. Besides this you can take care of some general things like:
  • Ensure that she avoids junk foods and eats more of fresh vegetables and fruits like carrots, spinach, papaya, etc that are good for eyes.
  • Ask her to drink sufficient water throughout the day so her eyes stay hydrated.
  • Take her for an eye check up regularly and ensure that she wears the right spectacles.

Submitted by G M on January 22, 2009 at 10:52

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