Blinkless Gazing - Trataka

This is also called Fixed Eye Gazing and is used to cleanse the eyes as well as also improve concentration.


  • Sit on a floor-mat in sukhasana, or in any comfortable position, or even on a chair.


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Sukshma Yoga Quick Solutions
  • Sit calmly and breathe normally with your waist, back and neck erect.  
  • Keep a lighted candle or oil lamp on a stool or table at a distance of 2 feet from you.
  • Remember, it should be at eye level. Please ensure there is no breeze or wind that might the flutter the flame.
  • Now, fix your gaze upon the flame.
  • Continue to gaze non-stop, without blinking until you feel the strain in your eyes and they start to water.
  • Once this happens, close your eyes.
  • Now rub the palms of both hands vigorously, until warm, and place them on your eyes.

  • Visualize the flame at the centre of your eyebrows.


Physiologically, Trataka is known to relieve conditions like eye strain and headaches, astigmatism, myopia, as well the early stages of cataract. Even those without eye problems find that their sight becomes clearer and they are able to see better than before. Unfortunately, we have taken a lot for granted. You will notice surprising results after Trataka. Further, it is therapeutic in poor concentration and memory, depression, insomnia and anxiety. It also results in one-pointedness of the mind and helps enhance willpower while improving memory and powers of concentration.

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