Is Vajrasana good for person suffering from PILES?

(August 20, 2012)

Piles are a very common as well as very painful and debilitating condition to suffer from. It is primarily the inflammation of the end of the intestines and, depending on the type of piles the patient suffers from, it may even protrude from the anus – causing a significant amount of pain during any kind of movement as well as being seated. Yoga is known to be one of the foremost holistic disciplines when it comes to overall well being of the body and there are a number of asanas found in the discipline of yoga for piles.

Vajrasana for piles, also known as the thunderbolt pose, should be performed by kneeling on the floor and bringing the big toes together and separating the heels in order to form the shape of a ‘V’ and lower the buttocks onto the inside surfaces of the feet. Place your hands on the knees, with the palms faced down, close your eyes and relax the body. Ensure that the back and head are straight at all times. While breathing normally, focus your attention on the air passing in and out of your nostrils. Not only is vajrasana a very effective technique when dealing with piles, it also helps in preventing the development of hernias.

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What are the other asanas which is helpful in PILES

It is a well-known fact that the ancient practice of yoga can help alleviate several different health problems, which includes piles. People who suffer from the problem of piles are asked to practice certain yoga poses, which will help alleviate the pain and discomfort of passing stools. Moreover, yoga can help reduce digestive problems like constipation too, which helps in improving piles. These yoga poses also help to flush out the toxins from the body and improve the circulation of blood. Given below are some of the commonly recommended yoga poses for piles:

Before practicing the yoga poses for piles given above, it is important to speak to a doctor and get an approval. Also make sure that these poses are practiced under the guidance and supervision of a professional yoga guru.

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