Health Benefits Of Tuladandasana

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 23, 2012

It is known as the Balancing Stick Pose and is very useful for your entire body. Your hands and legs get stretched enough to regain the lost strength. This strength may have lost with the wear and tear of your body. In life we have to balance so many things which can be beyond our control. This asana just shows the relevance of balance in our life and how one can gain from the same.



Tuladandasana is very important for your body as many of the problems relating to your heart can be improved. This position is very useful to the cardiovascular system which helps your heart to pump more energy into your body with the supply of fresh blood. Like all the yoga poses this pose helps in creating a right balance.

You may not be able to do this asana that easily on the first attempt. You can use a friendhelp while practicing this asana. You can also use a wall for support.

The pumping heart helps in supplying fresh blood to all the arteries which help the functioning of other organs. This asana helps to open up the arteries due to which any further complication with your heart can be avoided. The clear arteries are a sign of good health and an emphatic heart. If you have back problems you can have a sigh of relief because, this positions helps in straightening your spine and toning it too. The muscles of your arms and shoulders get stretched too which helps you with a fit and fine body.

As this asana is done, it helps in straightening and strengthening every muscle. This elongation of the muscles removes the stiffness from your body and helps you with your balancing as well as flexibility. It can be called as a stress buster as it helps create emotional balance too while performing this pose. Once the mind is relaxed your body too gets relaxed which gives a sense of relaxation to your internal organs too. As stress can be a grave problem and treating it or getting out of it cannot be that easy.

This pose is very useful for the lower appendages due to the stretching and balancing. It massages the pancreas and stimulates it even further to work better for your body. The liver, spleen and nervous system all are benefited by doing this asana. The circulatory system of your body functions in a fit manner due to this asana. It is very useful for varicose veins. It helps to strengthen your legs and many of your joint pains can be treated by regular practice of this asana.

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