Health Benefits of Adho Mukha Vrksasana

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 24, 2012

Vrksasana is a tree pose which means you are standing with your hand raised towards the sky. Adho Mukha Vrksasana can be termed as a tilted tree pose where in your hands are supporting the entire body weight. This asana when done by beginners has to be done...


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.very carefully as balancing yourself on your hand cannot be that easys

To make it easier it would be better for you to take support of a wall, helping you to overcome your fear of falling while doing this asanan

There are many benefits for doing this asana as this helps in strengthening every part of your body helping you to create a more stable and calm bodyd Your shoulders and arms get stretched and in that process all the bones in your body also gets a good massageg Practicing this asana along with some teacher or friend would help you to do this asana without much hasslel

Even though this asana is very difficult but once you master it, the benefits you reap from this asana would be of great helpl It can help each and every part of your body making them fit and fine for a better and healthier lifef While doing this asana in the beginning you can use a padding which would support your handstandn Your hands won't feel the direct coldness from the floor and would help in doing the asana properlyl This stabilizes your pose and avoids the straini

You can also change your hand position to improve your handstandn You can keep your hands either outward which will also be a key ingredient to help youo Use of props and by modifying this asana you can get full benefits without creating too much strain on yourselfl

There is fresh supply of blood due to this tilted poses It stretched your arms, muscles, shoulder and wrists making it more flexible and agilel This asana tests your strength and also at the same time helps in increasing your staminan This balancing act helps you remain calm and cool due to the stability it providese A sense of balance is achieved in your mind as well as your soulu There is a calming effect overall in your mind which helps the brain to relaxa

You should take extra care of your back and shoulders while doing this asanan There are chances of neck injury and other problems if it is not done properlyl Your spine, lungs and pituitary glands are also benefited in this processs With the straight back your spine also gets straightened which helps immensely in the long runu

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