Therapeutic Applications Of Bharadvaja's Twist & Variations

The ancient seer, Bharadvaja, is believed to have composed many hymns that have found their place in the Vedas. The Bharadvaja's Twist is a simple yoga exercise done in a seated position. It has multiple benefits and can be done by all, including beginners.

The gentle twist rejuvenates the spine and muscles of the body and soothes the nervous system. Regular practice of this pose has a calming effect on the body.


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Bharadvajasana I is the same as the Bharadvaja's Twist.

Steps :

  1. Sit on the floor with your legs stretched out in front of you. Place your arms in a resting position at your sides.
  2. Bend your knees and bring them toward your left hip, such that the weight of your body is now resting on your right buttock. The inner side of your left ankle should now be able to rest on the arch of your right foot.
  3. Inhale slowly and stretch your spine to lengthen it as much as possible. Then, exhale slowly and twist your upper trunk to the maximum extent possible. You may keep your right hand on the floor and your left hand will rest on the outer part of the thigh of your right leg.
  4. Ensure that the hip on your left side presses down the weight of the body on the floor.
  5. Now, with a slight bend in the upper part of your back, twist around your backbone and feel its effects from your lower back to the tip of your head.
  6. Try to apply a lengthening force to your spine with each breath, and twist your body further with each exhalation.
  7. Turning your head, look out over the shoulder on your right. Remain in this pose for a minute.
  8. Exhale slowly and gently untwist your trunk to revert to its original position. Now, you need to repeat the same procedure with your right side, placing your weight on the left buttock.

Precautions :

  • Bharadvaja's Twist precautions need to be exercised by those who have a history of spine, hip or disc problems or injuries.

  • People experiencing instable blood pressure, sleeplessness, headaches, and loose stools should also refrain from exerting themselves while performing this asana.
  • Any medical condition should be discussed with a doctor and his/her consent should be available before performing such poses in yoga.

Beginner's Tip :

A beginner's tip for Bharadvaja's Twist would be to rest your buttock on a thickly folded blanket or cloth when performing the twist. The weight of your body would then be pressed firm against the ground.

Benefit To Body Part :

  • Bharadvajasana I provides a deep and complete stretch to the body along the backbone, trunk, shoulders, and hips.
  • It is well-suited for pregnant women, being an exercise without any pressure exerted on the belly.
  • The pose soothes and regenerates underlying organs in the abdomen and body. It results in enhanced metabolic activity, digestive function, and better elimination of waste matter from the body.
  • Bharadvaja's Twist soothes the mind and restores a sense of balance and calm to the person performing the asana.

Therapeutic Applications :

  • The exercise brings relief to lower back aches, pain in the neck, and sciatica.
  • By wringing out the stress and tension from the tissues, it calms the mind and stabilizes the nervous system.
  • This yoga exercise acts as a good detox for the body and gives all the internal organs a deep massage.

Variations :

  • While twisting, the body of the performer can be held up by the use of some thick cloth or blanket under the thighs.
  • The neck can be moved in the same direction as the twist of the body or can be stretched out in the opposite direction.
  • The asana can also be done with the person seated on a chair in a sideways manner. This is usually done if his hips are not so flexible.

Preparatory Poses :

Follow Up Poses :

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