Bound Angle Pose

Bound angle pose or baddha konasana stretches your groin and inner thighs. This is a very useful pose for developing flexibility of the hips, knees, ankles and feet. It opens and increases circulation to the pelvic region.

Hence this is a very good prenatal exercise and can relieve menstrual problems. Avoid this pose if you have injury in the groin or knee region. You can use the wall for supporting the back if you have back.



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Yoga For Hip And Groin

.problems or find it difficult to hold the poses Rocking the body from side to side will massage your hips, removing tension and tightnesss Gently bouncing your knees up and down is called butterfly poses This version releases tension from the groin region while opening up the hips and inner thighsh

How it is to be done - sittingn

Suitable for - Everybodyd

Steps - Actual procedure for that asanan

  1. Perform staff pose
  2. Bending your knees, join the soles of the feet
  3. Hold your feet or ankles and move your heels to the groin as far as possible
  4. Exhale and let your knees drop to the floor
  5. Keep your arms and shoulders relaxed
  6. Press the sitting bones in the floor and let the crown of the head point to the ceiling to lengthen the spinen Imagine your knees opening like the wings of the butterfly
  7. Remain in this pose for upto 2 minutes before returning to staff pose

Benefits to body parts - Stretches groin and inner thighsh Increases the flexibility of hips, ankles, knees and feete Improves circulationo Opens pelvic regiono Excellent prenatal exercise and relieves menstrual problemsm

Precautions - Knee or hip problemsm

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