Seated Boat Pose

Seated boat pose or navasana strengthens the abdominals, lower back and hips. At the same time, it stretches the back of the legs. It improves your balance. Your back should be flat and spine erect.

Avoid rounding your lower back or drooping your chest. The correct pose can be achieved by visualizing a V shape. Avoid this pose if you have a heart condition or insomnia since this exercise stimulates. Exercise caution if you have injuries to your.



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.abdominals, hips or tailbonen Bending the knees so that the shins are parallel to the floor or straightening one leg at a time will make this pose easiere Perform this boat pose but separate the legs to form a V shape will provide the stretch to the inner thighsh You can use a strap to help straighten your legsg

How it is to be done - Sitting

Suitable for - Everybody

Steps - Actual procedure for that asana

  1. Perform staff pose
  2. Keep your hands on the floor just behind your hips and fingers to the feet
  3. Lift your chest to the ceiling and lean back slightlyl Your back should be flat
  4. Bend your knees and your shoulders be joined together, flat on the flooro There should be an angle of 45 degree between your thighs and the floor
  5. Raise your feet a couple of inches of the floor, with feet joined together or slightly apart
  6. Your balance should remain on the tailbone and hips
  7. Inhale and straighten your legs slowly till the tips of the toes are slightly above your eye leveleNow bring your arms forward at shoulder height, parallel to the floor with palms facing inward
  8. Keep your shoulders down away from your ears and relaxede If you lose balance, keep your hands on the floor behind the hips
  9. Lower your chin slightly to the chest to lengthen the back of the neckc

    Remain in this pose from 10 seconds upto a minutet Exhale while lowering the legs before returning to staff poses Perform seated forward bend as a counter pose to take the strain off the lower back

Benefits to body parts - Strengthens abdominals, lower back and hipsp Protects lower back and spinen

Other benefits - Improves balancec

Precautions - Avoid for Heart condition, insomniai Caution if you have injury to abdominals, hips or tailbonen

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