Pigeon Pose - Kapotasana

Pigeon pose or kapotasana opens and increases the flexibility of the hips and at the same time strengthening back, stretching thighs and making the groin flexible. Shake the legs at the end of the pose to relieve and restore circulation.

Be cautious if you have problems with your knees, back or hips. If you find that resting the forehead on the ground to be uncomfortable, bend the elbows and keep one hand on top of the other, so that your forehead rests on the hands.


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Rocking the hips from side to side will relax the team. While lowering the elbows in this pose, bringing them directly under the shoulders, pressing the forearms on the floor and moving the chest upwards will make this pose more challenging.

How it is to be done - lying on the floor.

Suitable for - Everybody.

Steps - actual procedure for that asana.

  1. Start with Table pose
  2. Bring your right knee forward, and place it under the center of the body
  3. Shift your right foot to the left half of the body. Keep the right foot beneath the pubic bone or to the outer left of the body
  4. Slide the left leg straight behind you. Place the top of the left foot on the floor
  5. Slowly, bring your pelvis towards the floor.

    Your hips should square to the front. If the right hip is above the floor, support it by keeping a folded blanket under it
  6. Slide your hands along the floor and bring your elbows to the ground
  7. Continue sliding the hands till arms are straight but elbows not locked
  8. Lower your chest to the ground while exhaling
  9. Place the forehead on the floor
  10. Slowly, bring the left hip to the floor so that hips remain square
  11. Remain in this position for 15 seconds to 1 minute. To leave the pose, move the hands back under the shoulders and go to table pose
  12. Perform steps 2 to 11 for the other side

Benefits to body parts - Opens and increases the flexibility of the hips. Strengthens groin and inner thighs. Stretches ankles and feet. Eases tension in the lower back.

Precautions - Use caution if you have problems with knees back or hips.

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