Ashtanga Vinyasa Power Yoga Practice

Vinyasa Power Yoga is the brainchild of Baron Baptiste. His mother and father started the first yoga studio in San Francisco in the year 1955. Baron Baptiste is today renowned as one of the most famous Yoga teachers in the USA.

Ever since he was 12 years old, Baptiste learned classical Yoga. Later, he also studied Ashtanga, Iyengar, and Bikram styles. Now Baron Baptiste teaches his own style of Yoga.


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His goal, he says, it to simplify Yoga and making it easily reachable to all and sundry.

Baptiste became popular for imparting his style of Yoga to Hollywood celebrities and taking a system of Yoga training to the of NFL players. He is now considered one of the central figures in Yoga's current popularity.

The Vinyasa Power Yoga style of practice is unique inasmuch as it lays great stress on the principle of adaptation. This goes to say that the practitioner can customize the style to suit his / her practices and make each and every posture, and each part of the practice his / her own. The whole accent, in Vinyasa Power Yoga is to defy yourself to experience a change.

However you must begin where you currently are, and gradually progress to a stage that lets you to experience – realistically – the yogic benefits of being tougher, more flexible, relaxed, and generally less tense.

A good Vinyasa Power Yoga practice will certainly result in an overall sense of being tougher and stress free – both physically and mentally. However the beauty of the Vinyasa Power Yoga style is that you work at your own point of fitness, ability, and just do what you can. From then on the sky is the limit. This is the fundamental principle of what differentiates Vinyasa Power Yoga from other forms.

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