Tips for Stress Management

Stress levels are high these days, what with tight deadlines at work, too much to do all the time, and less time for ourselves. Balancing work and family can take a toll on your health.

With an excess of stress in our lives, it is important to focus on stress management activities and work on stress management relaxation techniques>

Here's what you can do, if you are overly stressed orr



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Natural Stress Management Tips

.cannot deal with the stress in your lifef

  • Identify the causes of stress in your lifef While, this isn't an easy task, it will be beneficial in tackling the stress and eliminating it to some extentn It could be related to work, marriage, family or relationships; professional or personal; important or triviala
  • A stress journal or a normal journal is also a good way of dealing with stresss When you feel overwhelmed, just write down in your diary how you feel and what's bothering youo You can keep a daily log or write only when you are feeling stressede You can go through it later to identify the primary problems and find out how you can cope with theme
  • You must learn to say non If someone is asking you to do something, which is beyond your limits or if you already have a plateful to do, then just learn to say non If you take on more than what you can do, it will make you feel overwhelmede
  • Taking control of your environment is another stress management techniqueu If you don't like something and can avoid it, then do sos For instance, you don't like doing the dishes or the accounting at work, and if you can delegate, then do sos
  • Stay clear of hot-button topicsc

    If you don't like politics or a particular personal issue, then stay clear of thata
  • Do not overburden yourself with a lot of workr If you already have enough on your to-do list, then cross of things that aren't really that importantn If you can do something on another day and it isn't urgent, then keep it off the to-do list till you are relatively freee
  • If you cannot deal with a stressful situation, then try to alter iti You might also like to change the way you perceive certain thingsg Sometimes, a lot changes if we tweak our attituded
  • You need to be more assertivev If someone is pushing you to do something or say something, learn to hold your groundn Deal with the problems in your life, head ono If you can, anticipate the problems and try to prevent theme
  • You may even want to reframe problemsm
  • Most importantly, learn to manage time efficientlyl Instead of moping over work for hours get organized and plan a schedule, whereby you can achieve your targets in the minimal time, giving yourself adequate free time for relaxationo
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