Tips And Cautions For Hot Yoga Practice

By Patricia | May 14, 2009
Hot Yoga Tips And Cautions

Hot Yoga- Why practice Yoga in a heated room

If you seriously consider it, it makes a lot of sense. All work out programs focus on warming up your body before any vigorous activity, but practicing Yoga in a heated room, where the temperature is a lot like your body's own temperature helps accelerate the benefits in many of the areas of your Yoga practice.

Ashtanga, Bikram and Vinyasa classes are, normally, practiced in a heated room, normally maintained at a temperature of 95-100 degrees. As you can very well imagine, if you are put through a vigorous Yoga session at this temperature, you will sweat profusely. This, despite the inconvenience and itchiness, helps rid your body of toxins; and by making your body very warm, it also makes it more flexible.

Bikram Yoga classes tend to heat the Yoga room up to temperatures of 90 and 104° F. You may feel overwhelmed by the heat, particularly if you are living in a cold climate. Even the body will find it rather shocking, particularly for those who are not accustomed to exercising in such high temps. So please take certain precautions while practicing Yoga in a heated room:

Why sweating so is beneficial?

  1. Heat warms up your muscles. This helps you stretch much more easily and effortlessly. That, in turn, actually helps prevent injuries; such as muscles pulls.
  2. Heat makes you perspire, and perspiration is good to help the body get rid of toxins.
  3. Considering that lung functioning, for protection against colds, flu and other respiratory tract ailments, is around 60-70%, the optimal heat and humidity helps even more.
  4. Even common sense tells you that you can only achieve peak performance when your body is fully warmed up and is able to generate heat from the within. This helps radiate the heat out and to your muscles.
  5. Before doing any physical activity, such as dancing or jogging, you are advised to do certain warm-up exercises. This is because, when your muscles, ligaments and tissues are warmed up, they become stronger and more resistant to injuries.

Hot Yoga Tips and Cautions

You'll be surprised at how much you can perspire if you practice Yoga in a heated room, and all that sweat will definitely make your Yoga mat very, very slippery. So, please take care to place a cotton Yoga rug, a towel, or a Yogi toes towel on top of your sticky mat. This will help prevent slipping. Also, make sure to wear long pants and keep a hand towel next to your mat, while practicing. This will help soak up the sweat and to wipe off your arms and face and prevent puddles from forming o your mat.

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