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(June 16, 2011)

I m a 22 boy & i want to increase my height so please give me tips for increase height & proper way to sleep for growth.

Tips To Gain Height Naturally

The height of an individual is a function of the genetic influences of each parent on the individual and the nutrition received by the individual during the pre-natal stage and throughout childhood. If one assumes that nutrition is sufficient, an individual will grow to the height that his or her genetics has programmed. A full grown adult cannot increase his or her height significantly. This is a point that one should note before trying any method to improve this aspect. An individual’s height is based on the skeletal system and the length of the various bones in the body. The size of the bones in the body of an individual cannot be changed in any natural way during the life of an individual.

There is one aspect where an individual can actually improve things. While the height of the spinal column cannot be changed, small improvements can be made. Most individuals live in an unhealthy way where exercise is not practiced on a regular basis. This can cause the spaces between each back bone to be compressed. There are certain exercises that can help to improve this. This may increase the height of an individual slightly. One should avoid advice that claims that inches can be added to one’s height. Most of these promises are not true.

An individual seeking tips to increase height must first change his or her lifestyle. Exercise is important for the body. It provides the body with improved circulation and improved health. There are certain specific exercises that can be used to stretch the back and lengthen it over time. One of the important tips to increase height is to improve one’s posture. By hunching or bending all the time, one will compress one’s spine over a period of time. This can cause long term injury and is generally a bad idea for any individual.

After one has improved the posture and is engaging in exercise, one can use the following tips to increase height. The sun salutation sequence is one of the best yoga tips to increase height. These poses stretch and compress the back effectively and can improve circulation to the area. The downward and upward facing dog are great positions for stretching the back. One should try these poses slowly and attempt to hold the pose correctly for some time. This helps improving the body’s overall condition and will help to improve posture over a period of time.

Submitted by S C on June 16, 2011 at 03:54

If you have ever thought to yourself “I want to increase my height” or have asked a fitness trainer the question “how can I get taller?” be rest assured that you are not alone. In today’s world almost everyone wants to have the perfect body. A good figure or physique is determined not just by a person’s waist, chest and hip measurements; your height also plays a very important role, in your overall physical appearance. Many men and women are naturally tall, whereas others frantically try out techniques that they believe will help them to grow taller. Some of the common factors, which a person’s height can depend on, are age, genetics, gender, hormones and race, just to name a few. Shorter people tend to feel at a disadvantage in most situations, as compared to those who are taller. This is all the more evident in people who aspire to be models, airhostesses, basketball players, and so on. Hence, people who do not meet the minimum height requirement generally tend to seek height increase tips through various resources like fitness magazines, health shows as well as online resources.

Fortunately, there are quite a few tips to increase height available through several different sources. In fact, there are many products in the markets too, which are believed to help people who want to increase their height. However, not all of the tips, products and services have been tried and tested and therefore, it is prudent to be wary of using them. In fact, there are many health and fitness experts who are actually skeptical about recommending increase height tips to anybody; this could also be because of the common belief that it is impossible for people to gain height after a certain age. Hence, before seeking tips and information on how to grow taller, it is necessary for you to understand till what age you can grow taller. You should also know that there is no way you could find an answer on how to grow taller in a week as this is not really possible. You could use various forms of exercises that will help you grow taller, though this is a long drawn process that will continue till only a certain age.

Most people believe that tips on how to get taller after puberty are useless, as after a certain age, both men and women stop growing. However, studies indicate that medically, it is possible for women to gain height till the age of 18. Men too, can gain height right till they are 21 or 22. Unfortunately, there are quite a few factors which could prevent you from reaching the full height that you possibly can. The main reasons why the tips on how to get taller after period (in girls) or puberty are not effective is that the vertical expansion of the bones usually ceases, when the epiphyseal plates, which are the bone growth areas, close down. One of the occurrences that can trigger off the closure of these epiphyseal plates is the surge of hormones, often seen in puberty. Therefore, information on how to get taller as a kid is regarded as being more reliable on than height gain tips for adults. One of the most essential techniques on how to get taller for kids is getting an adequate amount of exercise in a day. Parent who are looking for way and means on how to get taller fast for kids are advised to ensure that their children practice different forms of stretching exercises, apart from swimming, cycling and sprinting, as all of them stimulate the production of the growth hormone in the body. Many schools have these exercises as a part of their physical education curriculum.

How to get taller?

Products that claim to help people gain height are abundant in the market today and can easily be purchased from most health stores and pharmacies. These products could range from height-gain shoes, to herbal tonics that need to be consumed orally. Unfortunately, almost all of these products cost an arm and a leg, which is why they are not affordable by most people. In addition to that not all such products have been tried and tested adequately and therefore, they could have an adverse effect on the body. Instead of trying commercial products, you need to try techniques on how to get taller naturally.

How to increase height naturally?

The most effective technique on how to how to get taller fast is by engaging in certain stretching exercises. They release a certain hormone in the body, known as the Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which allows the muscles, tissues and hones to grow and increase in size. Moreover, people can focus on certain parts of the body, while practicing exercises, such as hanging, pelvic shifts and the dry land swim. Many health and fitness experts also advise people to practice certain asanas (poses) in yoga, when asked for help on how to get taller and stronger.

How to get taller by hanging?

One of the main factors that can keep you from attaining the height that you can is gravity, as it compresses your joints, as well as your spine, which in turn restricts your vertical growth to some extent. The best way for you to negate the effect of gravity on your body, is by engaging in a few basic hanging exercises, which will compel your body weight (in the lower torso) to stretch your spine. The tension in your vertebrae will also reduce because of this. By practicing stretching exercises for the adequate amount of time, on a daily basis, you could add a few centimeters, or perhaps even an inch or so, to your height. However, it is important for you to practice this exercise in the right manner. For best results, choose a bar that is horizontal and high enough, so that you can extend your body to its full limit. While hanging, make sure that each stretch lasts for no less than 20 to 30 seconds.

How to get taller with Yoga?

In case you are looking for ways on how to get taller at home, you could also try the ancient practice of yoga. Since the bulk of your height is in your spine and your legs, you could practice yoga poses that focus on stretching these areas.  Some of the most effective yoga poses to get taller are:

• Adho Mukha Svasana (The Downward Dog Facing Pose)
• Janu Shirsasana (The Head to Knee Pose)
• Uttanasana (The Standing Forward Bend)

In fact there are many yoga poses, ideal for those who are interested in techniques on how to get taller and lose weight.

However, before trying out any tips on how to get taller, it is best to consult a doctor and get an approval.

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Most people have reached their full height by age 18 or 19. Unfortunately, yoga is not going to be able to help you grow anymore than you are genetically predetermined to grow. If you are interested to see approximately how tall you will grow, you might want to look at your relatives, particularly relatives of the same sex as you.

With this said, you may be able to unlock tension in your spine or back and add an additional centimeter or two to your overall height. But do not expect miracles. In order for this to occur, you will want to do asanas which focus on your back and spine, such as threading the needle pose, bridge pose and spinal twists. You may also benefit from the standing poses, such as tree pose and prayer pose. But remember, you may only gain a centimeter or two on your overall height with yoga, not inches or feet.

As well, there is no proper way to sleep to help you grow. Since you are 22, it is most likely you have already reached your maximum height. Sleeping on your back or stomach or side is not going to change this.

Submitted by R W on November 14, 2007 at 02:55

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