Yoga Stretching Exercises While Traveling

By pal | September 30, 2008
Yoga Stretching Exercises While Traveling

Traveling Yoga

When going on long car trips, it is essential to make a stop every two hours at least, so that you may get out and stretch your legs and not feel cramped in a sitting position in a restricted space for a very long period of time.

When you make the stop, you may, apart from walking around to restore blood circulation, do some simple yogic exercises to stretch muscles and remove stiffness and strain.

A simple neck exercise:

This can be done to remove the cricks from the neck while sitting. Rotate the head gently and slowly from left to right and back to the original position. Do this three times, clockwise and anti clockwise.

Half Moon Pose for sideways body stretch:

Stand with feet slightly apart. Inhale. Raise your arms up and interlace your fingers on top of your head with the index finger point pointing upwards. Exhale. Inhale again and stretch your body upwards. Exhale now as you bend sideways on your left side from the waist, letting your left arm slide down your left side. Keep your right arm straight up and close to your ear as you bend. Stay in this position for five seconds. Return to center. Repeat this stretch for the right side. Do this three times for either side. Do not do this pose if you have a headache, or are suffering from high blood pressure.

Shoulder and upper back exercise:

Stand with your feet slightly apart. Inhale and raise your arms up and interlace your fingers on top of your head, with the palms upwards. Exhale. Inhale again and stretch your body backwards as far as you comfortably can. Exhale as you return to the center. Unlock fingers. Bring your arms gently down on either side. Repeat thrice.

Standing Pelvic Tilt for lower back:

Stand with feet hip-width distance apart. Squat and bend from your knees. Push your buttocks backwards. Hold your thighs lightly with your hands as you do so. Exhale and pull your navel toward your spine as you tilt your pelvis under. Hold the tilt for 15 seconds. Inhale and return. You can do ten repetition of this tilt.

Forward bed for back and legs:

Standing, stretching your arms up and then simply bending forward from your waist to touch your toes several times will also help ease stiff muscles.

Once you reach your destination, Mountain Pose, Cow-Cat Pose, Head to Knee pose, Seated Straddle Pose, Cobra Pose, are some of the many yoga poses that can be done to ease the discomfort induced by long hours of traveling.

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