I would like to gain some weight..how can i do that with yoga??

(August 27, 2008)

A healthy diet is important with yoga for weight gain. High calorie foods with increase in frequency of eating prove effective. Choice of right foods is important, as fried and refined foods result in other complications. Yoga plays a vital role in weight gain, both physiologically and psychologically. Asanas such as shavasana help in weight gain.  Pranayama or deep breathing exercises help a great deal.

Kapalbhati is a kind of breathing exercise that ensures well being of the individual. It gets rid of all kind of problems and helps in long life. A healthy diet with a fifteen minute session of kapalbhati helps a lot. Kapalbhati is not recommended for individuals suffering from high blood pressure or heart diseases. Kapalbhati is the rapid exhalation process, practiced by the contraction of the abdominal muscles. Rapid exhalation is done for around five seconds. Extend to the maximum time possible.
Sun salutation or the surya namaskar is also an effective pose which provides relief from various problems. A pace of four rounds of sun salutation, with about 24 salutations per day proves beneficial. It also relaxes the mind and cleanses the body. It increases the stamina of an underweight person. Avoid excessive strain in any form. Yoga has several poses that help in increasing the appetite. Thus, yoga helps in weight gain. Dead body pose or shavasana involves a simple procedure. Lie flat on the floor with the hands on the sides. Gently exhale and inhale. It involves no physical activity and is unlike any other yogic exercise. It rejuvenates the individual and keeps them active throughout the day with more zeal and joy.

Balasana or the child's pose helps in lengthening of your spine. It helps to overcome mood swings, thereby increasing the appetite. Start with the table pose and keep your forehead on the floor. Place your arms adjacent to the feet. Place your palms facing up. Remain for about two minutes and relax. Chathuranga dandasana or the plank pose is also helpful. It is a kind of push up. Lie flat on your abdomen and keep your legs parallel to each other with toes tucked. Arch your back and place your fingers, like that of an eagle. This increases the muscle mass, which is another technique to increase energy expenditure. This in turn increases the appetite. Careful practice of yogic techniques helps in overall well being of the individual. Improper yogic poses gives rise to a number of complications.

Submitted by A V on August 27, 2008 at 05:31

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