Yoga for Belly

(August 17, 2008)

I need yoga asanas to reduce belly fat?

A large belly is not good as it involves accumulation of fat in the abdomen. This accumulation can occur due to stress, faulty eating, sedentary lifestyle and intake of alcohol or smoking and caffeine.

The fat that lies in the abdominal area is dangerous and it functions differently than the fat deposited in any other area. The fat in the abdomen have greater blood supply and contains receptor for the hormone cortisol which is considered to be a stress hormone. Under constant stress, the cortisol levels rise and thus fat is deposited in the abdomen. Thus if the stress levels are high, then abdominal fat will increase. It is very essential to have a flat well toned stomach.

This can be achieved by following methods:

Eat correct foods in right amount. Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables and whole some foods. Consume foods that are present in the natural state. Avoid processed and fast foods and convenience foods. Have ample amount of salads and nuts that are rich in MUFA.

Drink large amounts of water. Fluid can improve the digestion and assimilation of the nutrients.

Regular exercise is a must as it will help in development of the stomach muscles and can also result in burning of fat.

Get good amount of rest and sleep.

Maintain a positive attitude. Reduction of belly does take some amount of time hence patience is essential.

Avoid stress and worry. If possible, take a break from a hectic work schedule and go for a holiday.

Certain yoga pose that can improve the tone of the muscles of the stomach are:

Dhanurasan: This asana is also called as bow pose. Lie on the stomach with the hands on the sides of the body. Bend the knees and let the heel touch the buttocks. Catch the ankles with the hands and raise the knees further and pull the ankles with your hands.

Nouka asana: This asana is also called as Boat posture. Lie down on the back. Relax and gently close your eyes. Inhale and raise the feet and the head slowly up to 45 degrees. Hold your breath and raise the trunk with the shoulder and the back and hold the toes with the hands and continue with normal breathing. Remain in this position for few seconds. Then lower the head and trunk to the ground and lower the feet in relaxed position.

Submitted by R J on August 17, 2008 at 11:09

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