Yoga and breast reduction

(April 14, 2008)

Is it possible to reduce breast with in a month without taking medicine,please help me out,i m so much tensed.

Advice for Yoga and breast reduction 

It is not possible to cut down or reduce fat in a particular area without affecting the rest of the body. Spot reduction as the term is popularly used is not part of yoga therapy. Neither are there any viable or safe medicines in the market that will help you in breast reduction, leave alone display results for just a month. Yoga is a complete over body workout and any and all of its asanas aim in bringing out the best in general well being. If you are seeking to lose weight overall then high energy yoga therapies such as power yoga or ashtanga yoga will help you to burn calories faster and increase your metabolic rate. Most yoga schools that practice the power or ashtanga form of yoga perform the asanas in a room that has been preheated or without air conditioning. This causes the body to sweat faster and increase the burning of calories, as compared to conventional forms of yoga.

You may want to stay away from asanas that focus on building the chest area. Speak to your instructor about this. However you must be prepared that yoga does not display immediate results. it may take some time depending upon your body weight and metabolism levels till the overall effect begins to take shape.

Submitted by C D on April 14, 2008 at 06:14

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