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(June 15, 2011)

i am 23 year girl i want to reduce my tummy n breast

The popularity of yoga comes with a lot of debate on its efficiency. As yoga becomes more and more popular, a lot of people have begun asking questions about it as well. Weight reduction yoga is one of the most used routines for weight loss. Though there are many different methods and techniques for losing weight, none of them compare to yoga in their popularity. Today, almost all gyms and fitness studios offer yoga classes to people who are planning to lose weight fast and in a healthy manner. Yoga is considered a sophisticated way of losing weight, but the truth is that it is the cheapest and simplest way of losing weight. In fact, yoga not only helps you lose and tone your body, it helps you increase the overall efficiency of all physical mechanisms, improve the functioning of your body, and decrease your stress levels. There are both physical and mental benefits of yoga for weight loss.

For a long time, weight loss was only considered possible with calorie burning aerobic exercises. However, yoga has become very popular because of all the additional benefits that you get from it. Even though yoga takes much more time in getting you to your desired weight than aerobic exercises, the benefits experienced from weight loss exercises are much more. Today, yoga and weight loss have almost become synonymous. Body weight loss is brought on about with the help of yoga poses that are specifically designed to accelerate metabolism and improve overall digestion. Also, the exercises themselves help you burn excess calories and lose weight. If you are suffering from any endocrine disturbances, yoga can help you improve the functioning of the endocrine system as well.

Yoga weight loss routines help you shed pounds while also allowing your body to get into a rhythm where it does not gain pounds very easily. Studies have shown that a group of people, practicing yoga on a regular basis, when compared against a control group that was indulging in the same lifestyle as the experimental group, experienced the loss of five pounds, whereas the control group gained fourteen pounds. This has shown that when it comes to weight reduction, yoga actually works. There are numerous studies of this kind that have allowed the proponents of yoga to hold their ground. As compared to any other kind of weight loss exercise, yoga offers a wider range of benefits.

There are several different types of yoga routines that can help you lose weight. Hot yoga is considered one of the most efficient of these methods. Hot yoga weight loss requires you to perform yoga poses in a heated chamber so that your body’s metabolism is increased exponentially. This helps you lose weight very fast. The pace of the yoga performed in the hot chamber is usually very high. A weight loss yoga routine should ideally be backed with a yoga weight loss diet. If you are planning to opt for yoga for weight loss, you should be prepared to put in some effort and should be willing to be persistent in your physical routine as well.

You can get yourself involved with a fitness studio where you can be a part of yoga for weight loss for beginners. Since the yoga poses for beginners are usually much simpler than those designed for intermediate and advanced practitioners, it is important the beginners should always begin with special classes designed for practitioners who do not have much expertise in yoga. The yoga for weight loss poses are best done when they are performed under the supervision of trained yoga practitioner. In case you are not able to find yourself a practitioner that you feel comfortable with, you can get yourself yoga for weight loss videos performed by Baba Ramdev. You can also get yourself videos for yoga for weight loss for beginners with the help of Rapidshare software.

To keep a track of your progress, you should ideally maintain a diary or a log of calories burned with the help of yoga for weight loss. This will help you record how many calories you have been consuming and how many you have lost, to maintain optimum weight loss. These measures would help you plan yourself a sustainable yoga for weight loss routine. If you are attempting yoga for weight loss at home, these measures usually help you create a plan for sustainable weight loss. Yoga for weight loss and toning can be made to work for you. Since yoga is highly customizable, you can get special classes and fitness routines designed for people with special needs. Yoga for weight loss after delivery or during pregnancy, for instance, helps women lose their weight more quickly and efficiently and maintain healthy weight gain during pregnancy as well.
A typical yoga for weight loss exercise helps you burn calories while it also helps you deal with any other kinds of painful conditions. These exercises help you to improve overall body functioning and also help you relieve stress. Since the benefits of yoga are quite far reaching, yoga for weight loss for men and women is completely safe. Hot yoga, power yoga and Bikram yoga are some of the types of yoga for fast weight loss. To increase the intensity of certain other types of yoga routines, you can add a fitness ball to your poses. Yoga for weight loss on a ball allows you to add a greater level of difficulty to your fitness exercises so that you can lose more calories and reach the level of intended fitness more quickly.

It is also important to enhance the internal experience of yoga, so perform your exercises for weight loss in a room where you cannot see yourself. Also put a lot of emphasis on your breathing techniques. Try to experience the sensations brought on about each of the movements you make. If you are tired or uncomfortable, stop exercising and give your body some rest. Ultimately, the success of your weight loss endeavors depends completely on you. Persistence is the key to weight loss not only when performing yoga, but for any kind of exercising or weight loss techniques.

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Yoga Poses to Reduce Weight 

Yoga is an amazing workout when it comes to total body fitness and renewing general health. In addition, it is also the ideal form of exercise to reduce excess body weight and also engage the body in a complete workout. Most poses and asanas in yoga concentrate on specific parts of the body. Certain stretches help to elongate the stomach muscles and helps the body in burning fat thus giving off a lean look especially at the abs. However yoga must be continued daily to reach the desired result. It is not possible to achieve flat abs in a month as the positive consequences of yoga take a long time than conventional forms of exercise.

Some basic yoga positions that will help you reduce your weight overall are:

  • The mountain tilt - stand erect with your hands at the side. As you stand keep your feet apart with the toes pointing parallel to the body. Now raise one hand above the shoulder with the fingers pointing erect and upwards. With your arm upwards, try to bend your body sideways till the waist without bending your knees. Breathe in deeply as you bend sideways and maintain a count of five. As you resume your normal stance, breathe out slowly. Try the same position with the other arm. The mountain tilt must be practiced seven times on the whole.  
  • The Triangle Pose - Stand with straight back, chest forward and face erect. Keep a distance of three feet between the feet when standing. Move the left foot outwards at least 90 degrees while maintaining a straight move for the right foot, which must point forward. Expand the arms to their respective sides, till the shoulders' height. Stoop to the right till the waist, while maintaining a forward chest facing straight. Place the right hand on the shin as your left arm reaches up. Your eyes should look skyward (if this hurts your neck, look down). Hold for 15 seconds and return to the starting position. Switch feet and sides. Do 3 times on each side.

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