Weight loss and Yoga

(November 10, 2010)

Is yoga effective in decreasing the weight. Cn v become thin by doing yogasanas.

Being overweight is one of the biggest and most wide spread concerns that people all over the world are currently faced with. Before identifying the most effective ways of dealing with the condition, it is important to first get a grasp of the factors that influenced its development in the first place. While some cases will see the root cause of an obesity problem being factors that are out of their control such as hereditary and genetics, most cases will have to lay the blame firmly at the doorstep of a lack of proper nutrition as well as a lack of adequate exercise. Because of the fact that we lead rather hectic lifestyles, it is easy to see why we are tempted to take advantage of the convenience that fast foods have to offer. However, while admittedly very tasty, these very foods are severely lacking any of the required nutrients, vitamins or minerals that are a necessity when it comes to the proper working of the body. Moreover, they contain rather high volumes of empty cells that serve no purpose other than simply being converted into fat cells and then added to the fat tissue of the body. Exercise plays a very important role in burning these fat cells, thereby helping maintain a healthy body mass ratio and preventing the development of obesity.
Despite the fact that the discipline of yoga has been around for ages, it is only recently that the benefits of the practice have become more popular. Weight loss and yoga share a strong bond because of the fact that yoga is one of the best natural methods of dealing with the condition. In addition to the strong link between weight loss and yoga, the discipline also helps considerably in building the body up to a decent level of functionality by ensuring that the relatively less commonly used muscle groups are also strengthened substantially.  Proper yoga can be practiced by gaining an understanding of the various poses and technique in addition to using the various diet plans to increase its effectiveness. In order to maintain maximum benefit from the discipline, it is imperative that you also make sure that you practice the poses on a regular basis instead of just on an occasional basis. If interested in taking advantage of weight loss and yoga, it is highly recommended that you do some research on some of the more popular and effective poses on the internet or at your local book store.

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People across the world are gradually becoming aware of the various benefits that are often associated with the ancient practice of yoga. This practice can boost the immune system, increase strength and flexibility, reduce stress, improve the awareness of the body, enhance the circulation of blood and oxygen throughout the body, create harmony between the mind and the body and most importantly, yoga can help a person lose weight. In fact weight loss and yoga have been closely associated with each other for quite a while now, which is why different yoga poses, exercises and techniques are generally included in many commercial weight management programs.

Weight loss and yoga
Certain yoga poses are excellent for weight loss and overall body toning up, which is why they can be regarded as special weight loss yoga moves. Yoga is practiced regularly, by many celebrities, for staying fit and healthy. The two most commonly recommended weight loss yoga moves are Pawanmukhtasana (The Wind Relieving Pose) and Bhujangasana (The Cobra Pose). Yoga postures can be combined with your other activities for weight loss and yoga meditation can further enhance the effects. However, there are certain forms of yoga that should also be a regular part of all weight watchers yoga regimes. These include:

Ashtanga Yoga: This form of yoga is considered the most suitable for beginners to yoga who are trying to lose weight. Although the exercises are quite vigorous, they help keep a person motivated towards achieving their weight loss goals. After practicing Astanga yoga under the supervision of an expert or a guru for a while, this form can easily be practiced at home.
Power Yoga: This form of yoga is known to include a complete cardiovascular workout for the body. Power yoga can also help increase strength and flexibility, as it includes a 90-minute work out session, in addition to breathing techniques, which heat your body up, internally. This helps burn the fat and flushes out the toxins and water weight from your body.
Bikram Yoga or Hot Yoga: Just like the name suggests, this style of Yoga is practiced in a “hot” environment. Weight loss and bikram yoga often go hand in hand, because in this style of yoga, a series of 26 asanas are performed in a room or an environment that has been preheated to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. The exercises that are included in Bikram Yoga are vigorous ones and it takes at least 90 minutes to perform the entire series. The rigorous nature of the exercises as well as the high temperature is great for getting rid of fat and burning calories. Therefore, Bikram Yoga is usually the most highly recommended style of yoga for people who are looking to lose a lot of weight.

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Weight loss with Yoga

Weight loss with the help of yoga involves three key factors that are vital in achieving desired results faster. Meditation, balanced diet and yogasanas alone can help in bringing about the desired results. There are two types of Yoga that help in aiding weight loss. These are Bikram Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga.

Determine which of the above these techniques suit you best and stick to the regime for atleast a period of six months to derve maximum benefit from it.

Bikram yoga is a form of yoga that involves extensive calorie burnouts and is a complete workout experience with a blend of cardiovascular, aerobic activity and fat burning yogasanas. Ashtanga Yoga on the other hand helps to generate excess body heat which burns the toxins in the body and thus purifies the body from within. The muscles and the organs, over a period of time, are detoxified with the help of Ashtanga Yoga.

Yoga, however is not a quick fix aid to lose weight nor are the results immediate. On the contrary it is a complete body experience and the loss of weight is long lasting even though the process and the methods may take longer than usual to display results.

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