Yoga for weight loss

(November 14, 2007)

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Yoga can be a great way to lose weight. With dedication and practice, you can be an amazing aerobic exercise that is not only good for the heart, but also the waistline. However, key to losing weight is increasing your heart rate and your metabolic rate. This won’t happen with all styles of yoga. The two types of yoga that is most effective for losing weight at Ashtanga and Power yoga. Both types are done at a faster rate than other types of yoga and involve smooth fluid movements. However, both types can be difficult for the beginner.

If you are just looking for a few asanas that will increase your heart rate, try doing several Sun Salutations a day. Start with a slow Sun Salutation and after you are warm, speed up your asanas until you find your breathing get more rapid. Do about 5 Sun Salutations in a row before going into Corpse or Childs pose. Also you may benefit from some of the strength asanas such as the Warrior Series or Triangle Pose. These will be tough to hold for the beginner, however with some practice, they will increase your metabolic rate. Be patient, yoga to lose weight takes time.

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