Yoga Treats Constipation

(January 21, 2009)

Yoga For Constipation

Constipation is the main cause of most diseases and ailments as the toxins remain trapped in our body resulting in harmful effects on it. IT occurs due to several reasons like unhealthy eating habits, lack of vegetables and fiber in your diet, dehydration, certain medicines, excessive caffeine intake, hypothyroidism, insufficient intake of water and or other fluids that result in hard dry stools, which are difficult to pass and cause painful bowel movements. To treat constipation you need to follow a healthy and active lifestyle. Start your day with lots of water as this will promote a smooth bowel movement and will flush out all the harmful toxins from your body. Eat healthy meals that have adequate fiber and roughage as that will help to keep your stomach and intestines clean and will avoid constipation. Include fresh fruits, whole grain cereals or fresh fruit juice for breakfast. Avoid having tea and coffee as they dehydrate your body and cause constipation. Have raw fresh salads, dark green leafy vegetables, sprouts, curd and buttermilk for lunch. Curd and buttermilk will help in good digestion and will keep your stomach and intestines healthy while the salads and sprouts will help provide fiber and roughage. Keep your dinner light and include grilled vegetables and soups with some whole grain bread.

Yogasanas or poses too help in treating constipation as they put pressure on different internal organs in a systematic way and that helps to increase the blood flow clearing blockages and detoxifying the body. It deeply cleanses your body from within to eliminate all the waste matter and toxins. The following yoga asanas or poses are useful in treating constipation.
  • Surya-namaskar or the Sun Salutation: It is a powerful sequence of 12 different postures that is a workout for the entire body. It has great benefits to your entire body as it helps to gently exert systematic and controlled pressure on different parts that boost blood circulation and eliminate the harmful wastes.
  • Sarvangasana or the Shoulder Stand: This is an inverted asana or pose that makes the blood rush in the opposite direction that helps in relieving the tension from your lower body and stimulates it as well
  • Trikonasana: This asana or pose helps to strengthen and relieve the tension from your lower body and back and puts pressure on your abdomen and digestive tract thus treating constipation.
  • Halasana or the Plough Pose: It is also an inverted asana and helps to improve the condition of your gall bladder, kidneys and liver thus promoting healthy digestion and keeping constipation at bay.

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