Post Pregnancy Diet And Exercise

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 24, 2012

It is imperative to consume the right foods post pregnancy for the well being of both the mother and the baby. Since every mother experiences a time crunch after pregnancy, it is advisable to have foods like fresh vegetables, fruits, and raisins, which do not require any time for preparation.


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The occurrence of constipation is quite common after pregnancy and this can be avoided by having fiber rich foods in your diet. The addition of a cereal replete with fibers is a way to provide the body with the necessary roughage. One should remember that embracing laxatives is not a solution for constipation.

Drinking adequate water throughout the day helps to keep constipation at bay.

A dearth of iron content in the body can be prevalent post pregnancy due to many reasons. Iron rich foods, like red meat, almonds, egg yolks, and soy beans can help you overcome this problem without resorting to iron based supplements. Caffeine based beverages must be avoided as they can disturb your sleep and deprive the body of an adequate amount of rest which is necessary post pregnancy. An intake of vitamin C and protein based foods like oranges, broccoli, eggs, and tofu is compulsory for women who have had a cesarean delivery.

A good diet should be supplemented with proper post natal exercises. Fatigue is one of the most common problems faced by new mothers because they have to tend to the baby at odd hours of the day, which naturally makes them feel tired. Viparita karani or the "Leg up the Wall" yoga pose can help in solving this problem. To perform this simple pose, place your hips against the wall and keep a pillow under the hips for providing comfort. Gradually raise your legs until they are positioned vertically on the wall. Bring your arms near your head and breathe in deeply. This pose helps in opening the chest, and enables you to take deep breaths which help in relaxing the body.

While feeding the baby, be it through breast or bottle feeding, many women experience pain in the neck and shoulders as they have to continuously bend forward, to feed the baby. Gomuka Asana or the Cow Face yoga pose can help in alleviating this specific problem. You need to sit straight and bring your right arm over the head with the palms facing inwards. Then bring your left arm behind your back in such a way that it can be joined with the palms of the right hand. You should remain in this position for ten seconds and then this exercise should be repeated with the other side.

A lack of endurance is another problem which plagues new mothers. Virabhadra Asana or the Warrior Yoga pose can be implemented in your daily exercise routine, to combat this problem. You should stand straight with a distance of about four feet between your legs. The arms should be raised in a manner so that they are completely parallel to the floor. The right foot should be turned in the right direction so that the left leg is bent at ninety degrees. Then bend your left knee slightly so that it is perpendicular and hold this position for five seconds. These steps can be repeated with the left foot.

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