Use Your Fingers for Sinusitis Relief - Aupressure

Submitted by Matt Papa on January 16, 2013
Sinusitis is nothing but the swelling of the sinuses in the body. The sinuses are nothing but cavities in the skull that are filled with air. You will find these cavities or spaces behind the eyes, the cheeks, in the nasal cavity, and behind the forehead. When these spaces get infected, they get inflamed, resulting in sinusitis.


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Sinusitis can be caused by a number of reasons, starting from infection to a reaction to an allergen. Sinusitis is usually characterized by nasal congestion, a feeling of heaviness in the head, fever, cough and tiredness.

Most often sinusitis is treated by the use of antibiotics, even if the reason for the infection is not bacterial.

Today, most doctors as well as informed laymen prefer to restrict the use of antibiotics, opting instead for alternative therapies to treat sinusitis. One of the popular alternative treatments for sinusitis is acupressure. In this article, we will discuss acupressure for sinusitis and some of the self-acupressure tips for sinusitis.

Acupressure for sinusitis

Acupressure is a form of Chinese medicine. This practice involves the application of pressure on certain parts of the body to help regulate or correct the flow of the life force of qi, which Chinese medicine attributes for a disease-free life. Acupressure for sinusitis involves applying pressure on certain parts of the body to both prevent as well as manage sinusitis.

Self-acupressure tips for sinusitis

Below are the points in the body where pressure needs to be applied for sinusitis.

  • Hands points: The point between the thumb and the index finger
  • Nose points: On either side of the bridge of your nose.
  • Cheek points: On the front part of your cheeks
  • Head points: The point on the back of the head, between the ear bone and the neck
  • Eyebrow pressure points: between both eyebrows to the middle of each eyebrow

You will need to gently apply pressure using the pressure of the hands (this form of massage is called Shiatzu) on these points, continuing to maintain the pressure in the area for between 1 and 3 minutes. These points stimulate the sinuses, opening them, and helping to drain off the excess mucus, thereby reducing the symptoms associated with sinusitis.

For first timers, it is best to consult with an acupressure specialist as they will be able to better advise you on how to practice this at home. Also, some procedures may be unsafe for pregnant women and in certain conditions, which is why consulting with a specialist is always advocated.

Often acupressure used along with Western medical practices such as steam inhalation and using saline drips, tends to work very well to treat sinusitis effectively.


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