Pendant Pose - Lolasana

The pendant pose or lolasana is a difficult pose to start doing arm bends and other poses that help you balance on your arms. The word lolasana translates from Sanskrit as fickle or trembling or dangling. On a deeper level, it means starting something you are not sure about, but going ahead with it anyway.

This pose is categorized as a core strengthening pose. It takes some time to get the pose right but even that process, when done right, can be beneficial to the body.


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Steps :

  1. Kneel on the floor with your ankles crossed over each other. Allow your buttocks to rest in the cradle of your heels.
  2. Place your hands besides your folded legs, a little ahead of the folded legs. If you are unable to reach the floor, keep blocks beside you and keep your hands on those blocks.
  3. Now, slowly lean forward as you exhale, putting pressure on your hands. Curve your back and shoulder blades and press your shoulders towards the floor. This will slowly help you raise your legs off the ground and stay suspended in the air.
  4. You might not get it the first time you try. Do not struggle to get your body in the correct pose the first time you do this pose. Be patient.
  5. Stay suspended for 15-20 seconds at a time. Slowly increase this time. You will go from balancing in a wobbly manner to staying in your place more confidently.
  6. Come back to the starting pose of Vajrasana and repeat it.

Precautions :

  • Eating a large meal before this asana or pose can cause difficulties in doing lolasana properly.
  • If you have any injuries on the shoulder, wrist or elbow, you should avoid this pose till the injury is completely healed.
  • You should also avoid this pose if you are pregnant or suffer from high blood pressure or hypertension.

  • If you have been doing this pose, remember to do it with supervision.

Beginner's Tip :

An important tip is to not rush the pose. Start slow and you will eventually get to the correct position. The trick is to pull the navel inwards while raising your legs.

Benefit To Body Part :

  • This pose strengthens the arms, wrists, shoulders, upper back and chest.
  • Lolasana is also very good for the abdomen.
  • It helps develop the muscles that are helping your back to lift your legs into the pose.
  • The pose improves strength in the legs and ankles.

Therapeutic Applications :

  • The pose helps develop the body's scale of balance.
  • It improves concentration and innate ability to concentrate.
  • Lolasana can also work well to increase your core strength, something people do not turn to yoga for often.
  • It develops upper body and core abdominal strength.

Variations :

You can do the navasana or the boat pose and end it with the lolasana. You need to be good with the Uddiyana Bandha to do this pose well. The Uddiyana Bandha is basically a yoga practice of locking your body systems and muscles to achieve a certain result.

Preparatory Poses:

Follow up poses :

Lolasana is a great pose to make way for other arm stands.
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