Svaroopa Yoga

Svaroopa Yoga Introduction

Svaroop is a Sanskrit word and is translated as ‘bliss of your own self’. Svaroopa yoga is a unique yoga approach that focuses mainly on the decompression of the spine and core opening.

This yoga style goes in and releases the layers of deep-seated tension in the spine.


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This opening produces personal transformation and healing and allows you to experience the inner light of your divine essence. It makes use of props like soft blankets, precise angles, and personalized adjustments to open your body deeply and gently from inside. This non-athletic kind of yoga helps your yoga practice and enables you to experience the real therapeutic aspects of the yoga poses known as ‘core opening’.

Benefits of Svaroop Yoga

The benefits of practicing Svaroopa yoga are not limited to the physical self. The core opening poses help dissolve mental and physical blockages like old mental patterns, discomfort and pain. Svaroopa yoga is also beneficial and approachable for beginners to yoga and individuals with physical limitations. Experienced practitioners can also experience authentic and powerful sessions.

Svaroop Yoga: How To Do

The Svaroopa yoga poses might be familiar to the students of yoga, but they are performed in a different way. Rather than concentrating on the joints like the hips and shoulders the Svaroopa yoga poses concentrates on the spine. The students are instructed by the teachers on how to make use of props to give support to the poses. For instance, in the forward bend in Svaroopa style, the hips are usually raised up.

Students can be seated on a chairs edge and fold their torso to create a forward bend. In Svaroopa yoga, blankets are made use of for the yogis to sit on if they are bending forward on the ground.

The classes in Svaroopa yoga start in a way the other classes of yoga end, by reclining on the back in Savasana (Corpse Pose). The instructor takes the student though breathing practice and guided meditation. A few more poses are done after that and you return to the Corpse Pose. Rather than trying to stretch as with most classes of yoga, in Svaroopa yoga you will need to release the muscle tension.

Svaroopa Yoga Teacher Training

Svaroopa yoga teacher training consists of many modular study programs. You can go through the Internet to check up on the various study programs. You will gain all that is necessary to be a compassionate, experienced and inspiring teacher. The teacher training will help you with your own transformation and also help others transform their minds, bodies and lives.

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