Kali Ray Triyoga

The discipline of Kali Ray Triyoga was founded by Kali Ray and is taken from the Hatha yoga tradition. This yoga form is based on the spine’s wave-like motion that occurs when you move from one pose to another.

Kali Ray Triyoga concentrates on mudras, pranayamas, and asanas.


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There are more than 200 mudras included in its system. This wave-like motion is considered to create energy by stimulating the Kundalini to help control the anxiety and stress that we face every day. Thus, practicing this style of yoga is said to bring a lot of relaxation. The Kali Ray Triyoga session can either be challenging or gentle, depending on which level it is at. There are seven levels in this form of yoga, basic to level seven. Classes of Kali Ray Triyoga like ‘Free the spine’ and ‘Free the hips’ are also available.

Steps :

  1. To perform kali ray triyoga you should stand with your arms kept at your sides and your feet together. While inhaling let your arms swing out to your side and over your head. Then, on an exhale, bend forward from your waist and let your arms sweep toward the floor.
  2. Breathe in and bring yourself up and let your arms come over your head. Your palms should be facing inward and touching each other. While exhaling, twist yourself to the left and let your arms come to the height of your shoulders. Then, breathe in and turn to the other side, while exhaling.

  3. Then, come into Tree Pose (Tadasana) and bring your palms together in a prayer pose. Remain in this pose for a few breaths and repeat with the other leg.
  4. Let your arms come up over your head and bend forward from your waist, while inhaling. Your hands should be placed on the ground and your feet moved back so that your body is shaped like a triangle. Then, on an inhale raise your left leg up straight.
  5. Lower the left leg and repeat with the right leg. From this pose come to your knees and hands. Curve your spine so that it is shaped like the crescent moon.

Kali Ray Triyoga Kids

There are DVDs available that can be very helpful for trying Kali Ray Triyoga for kids. These DVD’s provide an excellent workout for kids. They include various postures and breathing techniques. You can check the Internet for the various DVD’s that are available and choose one that suits you the best.

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