Yoga for Back Pain

(August 17, 2008)

I'm 22 and I've been facing severe back problem. Kindly suggest some yoga exercises?

Back pain is also called as dorsalgia. This pain can originate from the muscles, nerves, bone or joints or other structures of the spine. Pain can be sudden or chronic, it can be constant or it may occur in intervals, it may be a mild pain or it may be sharp, piercing pain, it may be present in one place or pain may radiate on all the sides. In some cases back pain may include symptoms other than pain like weakness, numbness and tingling sensation.

The various causes of back pain are:

Sitting on the chair incorrectly

Lying down on an uneven mattresses

Lifting heavy items with one hand

Being unfit with low energy levels

Sometimes being inactive can make the muscles of the back sluggish and hence cannot support the back correctly. Thus a slight strain can lead to pain. Pain can occur due to strain or tear of the muscles, tendon or ligament around the lower spine.

Certain yoga asana can provide relief from the pain. These asana help in strengthening the back muscles.

Certain yoga poses that can be beneficial for back pain are:

Uttanasana (Standing forward Bend pose): Inhale and raise your arms upwards. Exhale and bend at the hips with the arms brought downwards. If it is possible to touch the fingertips on the floor. You can either hold the ankle or catch the feet with the hands.

Trikonasana (Triangle pose): Stand erect with the feet together. Place a certain distance between the feet. Outstretch your arms towards the sides so that the arms are parallel to the ground. Bend forward towards right side and catch the left toe with the right finger. Come back to the standing position. Bend forward towards the left side and hold the right toe with the left finger. Come back to the original position.

Salabha asana (Locust pose): Lie on the floor with face down. Let the forehead touch the ground. Legs should be placed straight behind you. Place your arms to the sides with the palms facing downwards. Stretch your neck and let the chin rest on the ground. Breathe out slowly. Inhale and lean slightly towards the left arm. Lift the left leg. Place the pelvis firmly on the floor and keep the left arm on the mat. Avoid bending of the left leg while lifting the leg. Remain in this position for few seconds. Exhale and lower the left leg. Repeat this procedure with the right leg.

Submitted by R J on August 17, 2008 at 11:09

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