Achieving Healthy And Toned Body With Power Yoga

By Patricia | December 12, 2008
Power Yoga To Stay Fit

Yoga originated in the Indian subcontinent thousands of years ago. Since then it has become a popular practice across the world. A yoga routine incorporates a sequence of postures accompanied by breathing exercises and meditation. These are designed to create an optimal balance between the mind and body. Yoga has a number of benefits as it contributes to overall health, however, the main reason for this popularity is the options yoga allows for – not only is it the perfect body-mind fitness regime, it allows a person a variety of options: there are many different branches of yoga; each can be further modified to suit a person’s needs.

Depending on your state, you may want to follow a gentle form of yoga, or a more spiritual one, or may be a more rigorous one. One of the many options thrown up by yoga is power yoga. This is a relatively new branch of yoga but has grown to be very popular across the world, and especially in the Western world.

Power yoga, a term coined in the early 90’s, is a fast paced form of yoga. It is loosely based on the vigorous Ashtanga yoga form. Power yoga is focused on an exhaustive routine that aims to promote flexibility, strength and a full body work-out.

While classical yoga is seen as a relaxing, calming exercise, power yoga is a set to get your heart beating, cardio style. The routine is fast paced and does not follow an established sequence. While other forms of yoga have a list of postures that you go through in a set order, each power yoga session is random and exciting. Eventually over the sessions you end up practicing thousands of postures, which may not be possible through other branches of yoga. This keeps the routine interesting and challenging.

A session of power yoga is often conducted in heated room. This is done to allow the muscles optimum flexibility. The movements involved in power yoga aren’t very easy. If they aren’t done exactly right, it can be very painful. The heated room makes it a little more convenient as it conditions the body just right. This is especially beneficial for all those new to the practice.

Remember to warm up and cool down before and after every session. Missing out on either just leaves the body vulnerable to injury. Similarly, power yoga is difficult. It requires attention, focus and practice. When done carelessly or impatiently it can lead to injury. When done right, the body will be left healthy, supple and perfectly toned.

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