Water Running And Jogging

By Patricia | August 29, 2010
Water Running

Running in water is also used for a fit runner who wants to further intensify his fitness, for rehabilitation from injury or even for a beginner who may then want to ease into running on land. In fact with the right water running equipment athletes of all kinds can benefits from the benefits of running in water. It is known to be a wonderful form of cross training and is also useful to prevent or deal with existing injuries. Running in water is also useful in reducing the risk of sustaining injuries by decreasing the stress of running on hard surfaces and it also tends to improves one running form. One of the most required and popular water running equipment is the water belt which the runner needs to strap around his waist. This belt act as a floatation device that tends to keep the body afloat while the individual is performing a running motion thereby ensuring that there is no added stress to the body. In water running, calories burnt will also be slightly higher than running on land because while running in water, one will have resistance from all sides which forces the opposing muscles to work just as hard. As the individual moves his legs and arms against the pressure and resistance of the water, they tend to achieve a wonderful cardiovascular and strength training workout.

Water Running Equipment

There are also some additional water running equipment which include dumbbells, socks, and gloves among others which is designed in such a way that they tend to allow the individual to vary their intensity and effort. Water jogging is also beneficial because in addition to increasing resistance to movement, water also tends to increase the range of motion while reducing the pressure on the joints. Since while running in water there is no impact, even an athlete who is injured can safely practice water running and thus remain fit till their injury heals. One of the water running tips is to simulate ones running style on land in the water and to try and allow the bottoms of one’s feet kick the water behind them while running. While water jogging, one should take short and quick stride and in fact a fast cadence tends to further intensify the workout. One should always purchase their water running equipment from a sport goods store or a specialty store.

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