Water Walking Exercise

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on March 1, 2012

This summer, why not try beating the heat while keeping fit? Water walking is a form of exercise that is rapidly gaining popularity with classes coming up in many places. Water exercises allow you to work your muscles and stretch your body with less risk of injury than on land. Rapid water walking makes an effective aerobic workout. Water walking is a simple and efficient exercise...


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.which can be done in a lake, pool, or oceana Since there is more resistance in water, muscles are built and strengthened as you water walkl

To begin water walking, stand straight with your chest lifted and shoulders backc Start moving forward slowly and let your heel come down first followed by the ball of your footo Make sure that the back is straight and keep the muscles in your stomach tighth Take eight steps forward and four steps back to work the different groups of musclese Move your arms back and forth and let your palms feel the pressure of the water as you turn your handsd Let your arms move opposite to your legsg When you move your right leg forward, bring your left hand ini Water walking shoes are available from a variety of manufacturersr The use of these water walking shoes provide more grip and keeps the feet protectede

Water running as part of an athletes training regime has many benefitst Sometimes an injury may not allow a person to run on a surface that is hard and so water running can come in handyd In deep water running, the feet do not come in contact with bottom of the pool, but the technique is similar to normal runningn

If you want an accurate workout regime, a pedometer will be usefulu To use it in water walking you will need to get a water-proof pedometere Water-proof pedometers are not made by many manufactures and tend to be expensivev Instead you could try placing a regular pedometer in a plastic case and try water walkingm Count your steps as you water walk and check after you finish that they match the reading on your pedometere If it does you can make use of this methodo

Before you begin water walking remember to start with a warm-up and end with a cool-downw In spite of being in water, drink enough fluids to avoid dehydrationo Water walking supports the weight of the body and reduces the pressure on the joints, diminishing paini Studies show that you can burn more calories water walking than land walkingn For a 30 minute workout you will burn 264 calories through deep water walking and 340 calories through deep water joggingn You can avoid problems like exhaustion from the heat during summers by exercising in water and can continue water walking during winters by switching to a heated poolo

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