Yoga Exercises To Recover From Allergy

By Patricia | December 15, 2008
Yoga For Allergic Reactions

Do Breathing Yoga Exercises Help With Allergies

Allergies can make one’s life miserable. An allergic reaction usually leads to an onset of very uncomfortable and painful physical symptoms like continuous sneezing, inflammation, difficulty in breathing, migraines, sinus, swollen tongue, etc. These reactions are uncomfortable, even painful.
Allergies are reactions caused by substances that are otherwise harmless, but for some reason put the immune system on high alert. The body then attacks this trigger and the results include the symptoms mentioned above. The most common allergens include dust, animal hairs, pollen and types of foods (especially nuts and sea foods).

Generally allergies are controlled with the use of steroids, anti-allergy shots, pills, and other over-the-counter medication. These of course may result in side effects, or may cause prolonged suffering if the cure isn’t within immediate reach. It is for this reason that many people turn to yoga’s breathing techniques for relief.

Yoga is a holistic form of exercise and therapy. It has its roots in ancient India and has become a popular practice across the world. Yoga incorporates low impact exercises with breathing techniques and meditation to ensure a strong mind and body.

Through the regular practice of yoga you can control the allergic reaction. Yoga’s breathing techniques can be used at anytime and in any place. You just have to take a few minutes from what you are doing to undertake a set of breathing exercises. This will help you control the attack. These breathing exercises essentially calm and relax the body; this in turn tempers the immune systems response to the allergen. These exercises also help give the body a burst of energy that it needs to fight off and recover from the allergen.

The response to an allergen is made worse by stress. As you being to panic, the body is flooded with stress hormones. Yoga’s breathing techniques help control panic, even stopping it completely. This in turn shuts off the body’s fight-or-flight response and the result can be seen in the mute physical reaction cause by the allergen.

Some of the popular breathing techniques to curb respiratory allergies include alternate nose breathing— Ujjayi or Ocean breath and Kapalabhatti or Skull-Cleansing Breath. However, it is very important not to force the breathing techniques on the body. It is best to chalk up the exercises in consultation with your instructor in case of an attack. By using the wrong technique you might actually make yourself more uncomfortable.

The answer lies in patience and constant practice. Using these techniques, life will be much easier, despite the lurking allergens.

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