31 Steps For Stress Free Life

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 27, 2012
  1. Do not sweat over the small things in life which can be easily changed or fixed. E.g. If your watch stops working, either get it fixed or get a new one
  2. Always take preventive measures of all your belongings including relationships


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  1. Keep a good stock of everyday supplies. Don’t wait for the gas tank in your car to reach the empty spot. As soon as you see the gas indicator nearing the empty spot, get it filled.

    Keep a healthy supply of clean clothes and food in the house
  2. Restrict the caffeine content in your daily consumption
  3. Get yourself ready for next day the previous evening itself. This will give you a head start and will help avoid all possible delays and distractions
  4. Always keep a back-up plan to whatever you do. This will help if the original plan does not work out the way you wanted it to
  5. Make duplicate keys and keep them in a safe place. Always carry a set of keys with you and hide them in such a place that only you are aware of
  6. Ask questions when someone assigns you a task or expects something out of you. It is very important to get clear directions rather than being confused and hence lowering that person’s expectations
  7. Make things as simple as possible
  8. Don’t depend upon your memory. Note down all your appointments and important things on a piece of paper and carry it along
  9. Learn how to say “No!” to things that you do not have the energy to do. Refuse things which do not excite you or puts your self-respect at stake
  10. In order to achieve peace around you, use your earplugs. If that does not help, plug in earphones and listen to your favorite music
  11. Get sufficient amount of sleep everyday. Set a deadline for bedtime
  12. Examine your body for anxiety signals. Take slow deep breaths and relax your muscles when you have butterflies in your stomach
  13. In order to relax, follow this yoga exercise. Take a deep breath through your nose till your lungs get full and slowly exhale from your mouth. Do this at least 8 to 10 times and you will feel the difference
  14. Be comfortable with flexibility. Some things in life do not require perfection
  15. If you are stressed at work due to deadlines, use an entertaining alternative. Take time off the task and get back to it later. You will be able to concentrate much effectively
  16. Keep away from people and places that don't fit your individual requirements and wishes. If you dislike politics, don't hang out with politically thrilled people
  17. Be friends with people who have an optimistic attitude. Hanging around with people who worry a lot can be quite contagious
  18. Live each day of your life to the fullest
  19. Do everything with affection and care
  20. Avoid conflicts with your comments. Think practically before saying anything by thinking at least twice
  21. Ebb anxiety with a hot shower or bath
  22. Ensure that people understand the message you are conveying to them. Make sure that people see your affection towards them.  
  23. Groom yourself to perfection. This will build up your confidence and you will have a great day
  24. Reverse the weekday activities during the weekends. If you had a lazy week, do something creative during the weekend.  
  25. Pay attention to the present and the future will be just fine
  26. Take time out for yourself in order to achieve peace and privacy. This will also help you to think more vividly
  27. Complete repulsive tasks first-hand and have fun doing easier tasks
  28. Assign responsibility to people who are capable
  29. Keep an optimistic mind about the world. It is the best thing to do in order to be happy
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