Benefits of Rock The Baby Exercise

Rock the baby is an excellent stretching exercise for the hips. This can be a prelude to other seated poses. Concentrate on the movement of the hips and not the legs. Keep your spine erect.

Use caution if you have knee or hip problems. To increase the range of motion, hold your right foot with left hand and the right knee with the right hand. Circle the leg several times, without pulling your knee. If you have been sitting in the chair.



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.throughout the day, perform this pose in the chairi

for that asanan
  1. Begin in Easy pose
  2. Hold your right foot with left hand
  3. Hold your right knee with the right hand
  4. Place your right foot in the crook of left elbow
  5. Your right knee should be put in the crook of the right elbowo Keep your right shin parallel to the floor
  6. Hold your arms around your right leg for supportr

    Your shoulders should be relaxed downwards and away from ears
  7. Press the sitting bones into the floor and spine erect
  8. Crown should be pointed towards the ceiling and look straight ahead
  9. Rock your right leg from side to side for five to eight timese Then revert back to Easy pose
  10. Perform the steps 2 to 9 for the other lege When you are through, shake your legs to provide relief to hips, thighs, knees and ankles

Benefits to body parts - Good stretch for the hipsp

Precautions - Use caution if you have knee or hip problemsm

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