Benefits Of Arm Stretches

Arm stretches are the good way begin the yoga session. These stretches improve the blood circulation to the upper torso. While doing these exercises, the body should be balanced. Take deep breaths so that you can relax.

While lifting the arms, feel the stretch coming from the waist. If you have arm or shoulder problems, be cautious.

How it is to be done - Standing.


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Suitable for - >Everybody.

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Steps - actual procedure for that asana.

  1. Stand in the Mountain pose
  2. Keep your hands in Prayer pose
  3. While inhaling, circle your arms outwards to each side. Join your finger tips, such that your finger point upwards. Shoulders should be relaxed down and away from the ears. Keep the arms straight without locking the elbows
  4. Let your palms face out to the sides
  5. Exhale while circling the arms outwards and down towards the sides and then join them as in Prayer pose
  6. Repeat the steps 3 to 5 for three to five times

Modification to the exercise: if you want to stretch the back of the upper arm by extending right arm over the head or interlacing the fingers and bringing the arms to the front at the shoulder level. 1. Start with Easy Pose. 2. Inhale and lift your shoulders towards the ears.

Your shoulders should be steady.3. While exhaling, gently lower your shoulders. Your movement should be controlled. Avoid the shoulders from simply dropping down.4. Do the steps 2 and 3 for three to five times.

Benefits to body parts - >Warms up the upper body and increases circulation to the arms, hands, shoulder and heart region. Relaxes shoulder and neck region.

Other benefits - >Relaxes mind.

Precautions - >Avoid if you have shoulder or injury.

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