Karma Yoga Meditation

Karma Yoga Meditation means conscious karma in action. It is simply this and nothing else. Karma reflects to the universal principle of cause and effect in our day to day lives.

There’s a cause for every effect, and the seeker of Truth realizes that, in his present life, he is going through the effects of a number of causes that he has done and enacted.

The seeker of Truth has come to know that that to lead a finer,.



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.more fulfilling life he has to alter his thoughts and feelingsg In so doing, he expresses himself through his actions in such a way that new causes supplant old habits and attitudese By establishing new causes, he can be sure of better and more successful effects accruing to him and his loved ones in this and future livese

By consciously surrendering to the Supreme your selfish motives which tend to abound within the psyche, start to dwindlel You look to cease working, speaking, acting, or even meditating in a manner that is rewarding to your personal desirese A Karma Yogi desires to live for the Supreme, or higher Self – the Soulu He does not wish to live for and by the ego anymorer

A dedication of the Self is of paramount interests When actions are performed with selfless intent, the Karma Yogi, who has faith that he is not the doer, profitst Ideally, and that the higher self – the mind and heart are dedicated to the Supreme cause for this purposese The individual who desires nothing for himself any more than to be an instrument, a servant of the Supreme will, is the true Karma Yogig So Karma Yoga Meditation has to do with surrendering oneself and performing one’s day to day tasks regardless of the fruits of actionsn

Once desire for the results has been relinquished then all actions performed, automatically, become meditationo This is the sum and substance, the essence of Karma Yoga Meditationo

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