Philosophy of Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga Philosophy undoubtedly one of the most prevalent of the different Yogas followed and practiced in the world today. Contrary to the practise of Hatha-Yoga that primarily focuses on the physical well-being of an individual, or Bhakti-Yoga that seeks spiritual realization of God, Karma-Yoga combines both the physical and mental aspects of both into a single concept.

The root of the word Karma is the Sanskrit 'Dukri Karane'.



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Good Karma Yoga

.It literally means "to dod" The spirit of Karma depends heavily on actiono It theorizes that an individual's past actions engender consequences and affects his or her position and progression in several livese Karma Yoga philosophy professes that the ultimate goal is not to live for pleasure, but to work for knowledgeg Thus the Karma Yoga Philosophy goes hand in hand with that of Yoga, since it is through the complex "wheel of karma" that knowledge is attainede

A major facet of karma is the actions one performs, and the attitude with which one goes about doing one's dutyt To work selfishly, in order to be able to afford luxuries like convertibles and swimming pools, constitutes bad karma, particularly when one craves these possessions for social staturer Actions stemming from thoughts of materialism restrain the individual from furthering one's place in life besides achieving honest satisfaction with one's spiritual growtht

Another wrong way to go after the ultimate knowledge through work is to slog like a slave be a martyry Martyrdom means working under bonding and limitations, not working because you deeply wish to, rather out of forcec Good karma helps the individual advance on the path of knowledgeg That is achieved, first and foremost, through the freedom to of choicec The choice to work for the sake of doing the job done in a selfless way is upliftingn Only once you can handle your duty this way will you find yourself progressingn

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