The path of Karma Yoga

Basically the path of Karma Yoga has to do entirely with selfless service. On this path the ego is forgone in favor of the desire to serve God in every thing. It may be to a man, animal or plant.

The path of Karma Yoga is also a way of doing the right thing; of following ones' heart and accepting destiny the way it comes. If a Karma Yogi happens to be a householder, he accepts that role as much as he would accept that of a servant.


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Good Karma Yoga

He would not seek any remuneration by way of wealth, name or fame.

Karma means action. This includes all actions performed by an individual from birth to death. A person, who is unattached to his actions and does them only since they are obligatory, performs his karma with a disinterested interest. He cannot espouse any wrong measures in life. Those karmas which are done the right means way do not harm anyone and are always in accordance with the law of righteousness. That is the path of Karma Yoga.

Some folks tend to feel that karma has something to do with karma sutra.

However, no thing exists; there is just the Kama sutra, Kama being the god of desires. That is an entirely different story. Karma yoga, which is also called Buddhi Yoga, is the "discipline of action". It is based on the sacred principles lessons and imparted by Sri Krishna to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita, a sacred Hindu Sanskrit scripture. Karma yoga is one of the four pillars of yoga. The path of Karma Yoga focuses on devotion and observance to duty regardless of the rewards. The law of Karma Yoga clearly states that anybody can attain salvation (Moksha) through love of God (Bhakti) and by doing their duties unselfishly, simply to please the Supreme. Karma Yoga happens to be an inherent and essential part of a number of derivative types of Yoga, like Natya Yoga.

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