What is Ardha Kati Chakrasana? Also mention the benefits of Kati Chakrasana

(November 4, 2011)

Half Waist Rotation Pose - Ardha Kati Chakrasana And It's Benefits

Ardha Kati Chakrasana (Half Waist Rotation Pose) is a pose in which you look like a wheel when bent from your waist. This yoga asana or exercise is a simple and effective one to tone up your body. Initially, maintain an erect posture in a relaxed manner.

Kati Chakrasana Benefits:

The Kati Chakrasana benefits can be listed down as follows:

• Firstly this pose helps to strengthen your back muscles.
• It works on and tones up your neck muscles and relieves the neck from any stiffness that it might experience.
• When practiced in the morning, this posture aids bowel movements, especially after you drink a glass of water.
• It is also beneficial to tone your lower body as fat is reduced from your waist region. Thus it is beneficial in weight loss.
•  Daily practice of this pose will help in the treatment of menstrual problems as well as problems with the uterus and fallopian tubes.
• Patients with high blood pressure can also practice this pose as it is very effective in dealing with this condition.
• Asthma is another condition that can be remedied by regularly practicing this pose, as the bending action helps you breathe in a better way.

It is necessary to perform the pose only after being trained to do so by a professional so as to avoid unnecessary injury.

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Please Assist Me How To Do A Katichakra Aasana?

Kati Chakrasana (Waist Rotation) can be done in an effective manner at home and on your own as well. The diverse Kati Chakrasana steps are as follows.

  1. In a standing position, place your feet apart as much as the width of your shoulders.
  2. Keep your body well balanced on both your legs.
  3. Take a deep breath inward and now move your left hand to the back and place it on the right side of your hip.
  4. Your right hand should now come to rest on the shoulder of your left arm.
  5. Extend your gaze backward as much as possible.
  6. Continue in this posture for a while and breathe in and out normally.
  7. Return to your initial position after letting out your breath.
  8. The same sequence can now be done on your body on the other side.

Kati Chakrasana pose is a yoga asana or exercise that aids much in the relief of constipation. Your backbone obtains suppleness and the muscles of your lower body are strengthened. You will receive a massage of the organs in your abdomen through this exercise. Hence, the functioning of your internal organs is stimulated further. During the Kati Chakrasana pose, try to get your body in balance with your feet pressed against the ground. This pose may not suit you if you have a backbone problem; in such a case, it would be best to keep your legs straight without bending while you perform this exercise.

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