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(July 25, 2008)

I have urology problem. I don�t have control over my urine. Kindly suggest some yoga technique

Hatha Yoga is a branch of yoga which is an ancient form of exercise for the body and mind. It has been effectively used as a remedial therapy in conventional Indian medicine and through its gentle yet effective movements helps control many disorders. In order to determine the cause of your problem, it is advisable that you get your condition checked with the doctor about any underlying problems as bladder control may indicate some renal problems. As a complementary modality to your medications that may be prescribed to you by your doctor, you can effective use yoga as a mode of treatment. Long-lasting and recurrent urologic difficulties are often hard to detect as their demonstration can mean different medical problems and more than often treatment can also be frustrating. Hatha Yoga is one of these therapy options that have been extremely beneficial to many patients in cutting down the suffering of urologic conditions.

According to the principles of Hatha Yoga urological difficulties of recurrent nature are connected with and worsened by inadequate muscular and skeletal framework, neuronal and myofascial functioning of the back and/or pelvis. Pelvic floor disturbance leads to most urological problems. Specific yoga asanas helps the patient to be aware of the muscles and helps them to self correct. As with any remedial and treatment program you must undergo a physical examination by the practitioner and mention your medical history to the doctor to embark on an effective yoga program. Once your fundamental physical condition has been taken into account, a yoga program can be organized for the benefit of your condition.

The basis of any good yoga therapy session includes warm up exercises leading on to the main asanas for the problem and lastly cool down exercises that bring the body to a state of calmness and composure. Cool down exercises also have deep breathing exercises that are vital in treating major problems of the body. For the urology condition you can do the bird pose, squatting pose, the bridge pose and the cow pose. To cool down go back to the resting pose and the lying on back posture. It will also help if you do deep breathing exercises such as alternate nostril breathing and Pranayama. Not only do deep breathing exercise help in reducing stress it also helps in improving the increase of oxygen in the body, it also aids in releasing endorphins for the enhancement of cardiopulmonary functionality.

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